What Items to Leave Behind When Relocating to Long Island

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Moving is not an easy feat to take on. You’ll often be stressed, and the last thing you need is dragging stuff you don’t need with you. It might seem like a good idea to bring all your favorite shoes. But once you start packing, you’ll realize it’s better to travel light. Moreover, you’ll have fewer expenses for fewer things. Movers and packers NYC can even pack everything for you! So, if you want to know what items to leave behind when relocating to Long Island, just keep reading!

The list of items to leave behind when relocating to Long Island

So, there is a lot of decluttering and sorting ahead of you. It can be overwhelming to think about all of the things you have collected over the years. We all have junk drawers, right? That’s why we have created this list just for you! It will make your life easier, and it includes: 

  1. Old clothes 
  2. Old or bulky furniture 
  3. Food items 
  4. Toiletries 
  5. Garage and basement items 
Clothes hanging in a wardrobe representing items to leave behind when relocating to Long Island
Old clothes are on top of the list of items to leave behind when relocating to Long Island

Old clothing items 

We often have too many clothing items around the house or in boxes. And though it can be tedious to sort everything, it will make a huge difference! Once you get to your new home, you don’t want to unbox, wash and fold things you don’t wear or need. Just donate them, sell them or give the to friends and family. So, take a detailed look at your closet and wardrobe, and declutter old clothing items you no longer use for a much easier move!  

Old furniture 

Next up, if you have old furniture, this should be one of the first items to leave behind when relocating to Long Island. It’s much better to sell or donate it than to pay for the transport. You’ll save money and time if you buy new furniture when local movers Queens NY relocate you! 

Further on, you can also consider leaving anything bulky behind. Bulky furniture is much more difficult to transport. It takes up more space than other items and will therefore cost you more to relocate it. It’s definitely not worth the risk! So, unless that huge couch means a lot to you, consider leaving it behind. 

Food items 

Now, it’s time to look at your pantry. Toss or give out anything that can get spoiled quickly. You don’t want to deal with food that’s gone bad while relocating. That would be an absolute nightmare! Of course, packed and sealed food can be transported. However, the lighter your moving load is, the less stressed you’ll be. 

Various toiletries in bathroom as some of the items to leave behind when relocating to Long Island
Make sure you’re not transporting something unnecessary!

Replaceable toiletries should definitely be left behind when moving to Long Island 

A lot of items that you currently have in your bathroom are easily replaced. It is easy to find wherever you go and relocate to. So, do not worry about leaving these bathroom items behind. If you have something that can’t be found in stores, make sure you pack these items well so nothing leaks on your other things. Additionally, if you have expired medications in any cabinets, you should consider safely disposing of them.  

Items from your garage and basement 

We are guilty of collecting and storing various items we sometimes do not even know we have in your garages and basements. It is a good idea to go over these places when deciding what items to leave behind when relocating to Long Island. You probably have things that don’t even work. Get rid of those first. Afterward, any stored food and junk items can be thrown out too. These items will only take up precious space in your new home, cost you more for the packing supplies, and make your packing process even harder.  

Donate or sell items to leave behind when moving to Long Islan

Firstly, decluttering is very important and helpful in the moving process. It will make everything easier for you and cost you less in the long run. We all have items we don’t use or need. Why would you bother relocating them? So, here is how to sell or donate the items you’d like to leave behind.  

Garage sale  

Throwing a garage sale together is pretty simple. You just need to sort your items, display them and invite neighbors and friends. You’ll feel much better seeing people finding something they need. And you’ll make some bucks in the process! Easy peasy. 


If you would rather donate than sell, contact your local charity organization to see if they need your items. This is an excellent way to help others who may need them. Old furniture, clothing items, etc., are all welcomed in charity organizations. 

When you finally sell and donate everything you want, Long Island City movers will make sure the rest of your things arrive safely in Long Island. 

A man in a van that says Moving Company
Hire reputable movers for the best experience!

Hiring reliable movers is important 

There are many things you need to do to have a successful move. If you need more time to focus on these various tasks during your move, including focusing on items that you plan to leave behind, you should hire reliable movers like moving companies Queens. There are many pros to hiring professional movers to assist you.  Moreover, with experienced movers, you do not have to worry about your things getting damaged or lost in the move. And what’s best, you do not have to worry about any heavy lifting of your packed items.  

Items to leave behind when relocating to Long Island – summary

The list of items you can leave behind is long. However, old clothes, furniture, food, and toiletries are always a great place to start. Once you’ve decided what items to leave behind when relocating to long island, you can sell or donate them. You can also gift them to friends or family. When your movers unload your last moving box, you’ll be happy to unpack things you actually want in your new home.  



We had our wonderful wonderful experience with these movers. Special thanks to our foreman, Josh, and everyone on the team who helped.

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