Useful Tips for Finding Reliable Long Distance Movers in NYC

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Planning and starting a relocation is usually a long and exhausting process. Moving long distances takes even more time, and is usually more detailed. That means it is also more stressful. From finding a location to unpacking the last box, sometimes you may feel like an eternity has passed. In the meantime, before everything is over, you must go through one of the most difficult moving tasks. You need to find an experienced and reliable moving company. There are many moving companies NYC, but how do you know which ones you can trust? Luckily, we have a solution. We can help you in the task of finding reliable long distance movers in NYC. There are some useful tips and tricks you need to follow. If you do so, you will find a trustworthy moving company that will make your transfer go without any obstacles.

Make a list of the most recommended movers

The first thing you have to do before you find a moving company is to make a list. As with any other relocation task, a list will help you stay organized and find long distance movers Queens NY as soon as possible. So, the first step is to visit prominent websites and look for the most recommended companies. What you need to look for are the companies that have the highest rates and positive reviews. This is the best way to see how people assess the performance of the movers they have hired. What can be a great advantage here is the fact that not only the most popular companies are listed. There are also newer or smaller moving businesses that are paving their way quickly and efficiently.

A person typing on a laptop as a way of finding reliable long distance movers in NYC
Finding reliable long distance movers in NYC means reading recommendations

So, when searching for a moving company, the first step includes:

  • visiting prominent moving sites,
  • reading recommendations,
  • looking for the highest-rated movers,
  • Make a list of those moving companies that may be appropriate for you.

Finding reliable long distance movers in NYC means finding companies that have insurance

The most important thing when finding residential movers NYC is making sure that the company has insurance and a license. This is important for a few reasons. First of all, a moving company that doesn’t have insurance may be pretty cheap or at least more affordable than the rest of the companies. But what happens if they damage your things during the relocation? Nothing. Since they don’t have insurance that can cover the damage, you are left without your valuable possessions and money to fix them or buy new ones.

The second reason is to avoid moving scams. Many companies work illegally and just take your money without finishing the job. The best way to check a moving company is to visit the FMCSA website and find the company’s USDOT number there. This is how you can be sure that a company has a license and insurance. You are perfectly safe with these companies because they are most certainly not scammers.

Read the articles about the company

Checking if there have ever been any articles about a moving company can help you decide. For example, if there have been any issues in the past, they will be shown. If a company has frequently changed names, or if the customers are using them, that means something is off. On the other hand, you can find positive stories also. For example, if you see that Long Island City movers have been engaged in helping the touring community, that is your cue to hire them. Small details like these can help you make a difference between the companies. Finding reliable long distance movers in NYC will be easier this way.

A couple high-fiving each other because of finding reliable long distance movers in NYC
With reliable movers, long-distance relocation is easy

Finding reliable long distance movers in NYC begins by contacting customer service

When you are searching for trustworthy movers, their customer service is taking you one step closer to them. If they have professional people who answer your phone calls and emails and know how to answer all of your questions, you can count on them. The next step is speaking with the movers. A complete inventory list should be part of your thorough talk with a moving firm. You should plan in detail every part of your relocation and include even the smallest item in your household on the list.

While the investigation may appear time-consuming, cheap movers NYC has to be detailed and thorough. This way, you are less likely to encounter unexpected factors, such as additional expenses that will appear on your moving day, since such items were not correctly accounted for in your initial quotation and booking fee. They should also inquire about any unusual objects, such as huge or precious things, that require particular handling. It’s also your job to be open and honest about everything in each room and part of the house.

Pay attention to the parts of relocation that are charged separately

There are some parts of relocation that you may count in the regular price. However, for the moving company, it is sometimes not the case. For example, you can pay elevator charges additionally. This happens when movers can’t use the elevator for some reason but the stairs. Also, if you remember to add more boxes than you have originally agreed, it can cost you more. All of these extra costs and extras will be detailed in a transparent moving company’s contractual quotation so you know precisely where your money is going. That way, there won’t be any surprises for you when you find reliable long distance NYC movers.

Two movers carrying boxes representing finding reliable long distance movers in NYC
Pay attention to extra charges

Read the contract carefully after finding reliable long distance movers in NYC

Check your quote, contract, and terms and conditions. You must understand the terms and conditions of your moving company’s products and services. Know when you could be charged additional costs and how your chosen provider handles claims.

Enjoy your life in NYC

Finding reliable long distance movers in NYC is the first step towards your great life there. When you find an experienced and trustworthy moving firm, your relocation process will be easy, and you will enjoy living in your new NYC home soon.



We had our wonderful wonderful experience with these movers. Special thanks to our foreman, Josh, and everyone on the team who helped.

Eliza G. / 2021-08-14

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