Top Things To Do In NYC In Spring 2023

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Once spring comes, people immediately get to urge to go out and spend much more time outside. Of course, spring in NYC is a completely different story as the city itself is so unique and special. For those who plan on moving soon or have already finalized their relocation and call NYC their home, the time has come to explore the outdoors. From beautiful coffee bars all the way to green areas, you should know all those new places that are waiting for you to check them out! Clean Cut Moving Service NYC, will like always, bring you closer to the top things to do in NYC in spring 2023.

Spring in NYC

When you have a place that is as famous as NYC, you already know that every season there must be beautiful. But the transitions from winter to spring are always important, as people tend to change a lot of things in their life. Some of them will completely replace their wardrobe, while others will even move to a completely different place. And once you find yourself in NYC, why not take the most out of the nice weather and so many attractions and lovely locations? NYC is pretty famous for snowy winters but if you plan to move there, you probably wonder how the weather will be in spring.

A street in NYC.
Knowing some of the top things to do in NYC in spring 2023 will make you get over the winter faster!

On average, temperatures range from 55° to 70°, which can be really pleasant. But spring can still bring rain in NYC, especially in the morning. Since the rain can sometimes catch you off guard, it is good to be cautious during March and the beginning of April. The good news is that even if rain catches you on the street, there will always be a nice place to keep you warm and dry until you are ready to continue your day. Prepare your notes, as our list is about to begin!

Spending time in Central Park

No matter where you end up living in NYC, there is one place that will be at the top of your list all the time. Central Park is the topic of many songs, movies, and shows, and all for good reason. The green area is extremely loved by all residents of this city, mainly because it is always fresh, full of laughter and people having fun. Considering that Manhattan can be extremely busy during the day, it feels so good to spend some time among trees, especially with people you love. Those who live there consider walking in Central Park one of the top things to do in NYC in spring, but that is not all you can do there.

If you relocate there with the help of movers Manhattan, you will realize that a lot of your neighbors and coworkers will jog there in the morning, or spend time with their pets. Central Park has a lot of benches where you can rest and even tables if you need to bring your lunch or fresh drinks with you. Younger people and families will often have picnics there, which you will get used to pretty soon as well. And if you get tired from all that walking and spending time in nature, Central Park is home to a couple of bars with healthy breakfasts and delicious menus for everyone.

Benches in the park as Central Park is one of the top things to do in NYC in spring 2023.
Central Park is not only popular, but also a perfect place to take a walk or run in the morning!

Refresh your home at street markets if you are in Manhattan

Speaking of Manhattan, as one of the most popular boroughs in NYC, there are many street markets to explore. As soon as the weather gets warmer you should open your windows and bring in some fresh things inside. In these Manhattan street markets, you can find almost everything you need, from fresh flowers to amazing furniture items and clothes. Let’s not forget to mention fresh fruits, vegetables, small packages of salads, and delicious drinks and smoothies. Everything is made in front of you, and you will surely find every trip there to be extremely satisfying.

People shopping at the market.
One of the top things to do in NYC in spring 2023 surely is Chelsea Market, and you should check it out right away!

One of the most popular ones is surely the Chelsea Market in Manhattan. With a couple of food stores and many of those that sell other things, you will find a huge number of your neighbors and friends spending time there. When you move with the help of Chelsea movers, you can pay a short visit and get some new things for your home. Even if you plan to go on a budget, there will be a couple of stores that sell second-hand items that will fit perfectly in your new home. Once spring comes, the market will introduce great deals and discounts so you and your budget will enjoy it from the start.


One of the top things to do in NYC in spring 2023 is visiting the Botanic Garden in Brooklyn

As you already know by now, residents of huge cities will often look for more green areas once the winter is over. And since every part of NYC has at least dozens of them, let’s introduce the one that is in Brooklyn. The Botanic Garden is not only a lovely place to spend time but is extremely popular worldwide. It will host different world conventions annually so if you are interested in knowing more, you should surely try to attend them. However, the Botanic Garden can simply be your daily gateway from the hard work and stress we all tend to experience. With a huge number of flowers and plants that will bloom in spring, your mind will rest and the garden will immediately become your main source of positive energy.

In case the movers Brooklyn offers relocate you close to the Botanic Garden, you can use its popularity to meet people from your area. Both young and elderly will spend time there in spring, and you will surely notice your closest neighbors there as well. Try to make new friendships if you are a newcomer and then continue to spend time with them in the future as well. Summers in this garden as equally exciting but you should be careful on those days when temperatures are really high.

Attend the Brooklyn Folk Festival

Every year in spring, countless locals in Brooklyn and NYC will gather to attend the Brooklyn Folk Festival. Those who love traditional songs and dance will simply love the festival as that is exactly what it is all about. You will love the clothes people choose to wear at the time of the festival as they love expressing the era they love. The festival lasts for three days and the entire time music is coming from everywhere and there are many popular bands and performers attending. If you live close, you will even hear it from your balcony, but don’t worry! The music from the festival is often described as really pleasant and it will not disturb you. In fact, you will quite enjoy it.

An amusement park at night as one of the top things to do in NYC in spring 2023.
Attending the Folk Festival in Brooklyn will be an experience of a lifetime!

It is good to mention that visiting this place is one of the top things to do in NYC in spring 2023 for many other reasons as well. A lot of local shops will open their stands around the festival grounds serving food and drinks the entire time. If you have a small business that does something similar this will be a great chance to participate in this on a whole other level. Local movers Brooklyn has can even help you with your equipment or similar inventory and you will get a great chance to present yourself to your new neighborhood.

Visiting the Queens Night Market is one of the top things to do in NYC in spring 2023 as well

A lot of young people and freelancers currently live in NYC. And unlike some times in the past when people had straight working hours, young professionals tend to do it differently. When you decide to work mostly at night, sometimes you will feel the urge to relax for an hour or two and do something differently. Instead of taking a walk across your apartment or house, you can also visit the Queens Night Market. As the name says, the market works at night and is offering a lot of things you may need. From fresh drinks and other goods, all the way to cooked meals and even some completely different supplies. Spending time there at night will be a perfect way to see this neighborhood from another angle and enjoy every moment doing it.

Once movers Queens offers unload their trucks and you still need more time to organize your budget, you don’t even have to buy anything there. The market offers many other things that will make you have fun even when just visiting. There is music, sometimes even live performances there, and other kinds of entertainment. Especially in spring, you can even catch some plays in the middle of the market or games for people who happen to be there. Make sure to visit the Queens Night Market as soon as you move, as you may even find some great furniture pieces there.

Those who love delicious food should visit Smithtown and its restaurants

The entire NYC is famous for its diversity and people from all around the world move there. As a result, the entire city is home to restaurants from almost every corner of our planet. But there is one place in Long Island that surely stands out. If you move with the help of movers Smithtown NY offers, you will find yourself in food heaven. This small town is home to many restaurants and each one of them is completely unique and different. In fact, a lot of people from different boroughs tend to come to some of them for Sunday lunch or dinner, as that is part of a long tradition. No matter what your rite cuisine is, you will surely find a restaurant to call your new must-visit place.

People sitting in the restaurant.
Of course, restaurants in Smithtown could be the top things to do in NYC in spring 2023, especially if you are a foodie!

If you are to ask locals to pick one that they prefer the most, a lot of them will name H2O Seafood & Sushi restaurant. The place has a wonderfully ambient and the food they serve is famous in the entire state. You can reserve a table there or even order the food from home, depending on your current mood. Their reviews mention that the staff is very professional and kind so the only thing you can expect is pure enjoyment.

And finally, don’t forget to visit the Montauk Point Lighthouse

Apart from all those beautiful spots in the center and among buildings, you can also go a little bit further and equally enjoy your time there. One of the locations you must visit is the Montauk Point Lighthouse. Located on Long Island, the lighthouse offers stunning views all around and can be pretty educational as well. With the proper guidance, you will learn a lot about its history and purpose. It is interesting to mention that this very lighthouse has been in many music videos and documentaries and if there is a good chance you will recognize it. In spring, the air will be fresh but much warmer and that will be a great opportunity to visit the place and spend your day there.

A woman walking her dog on the beach as one of the top things to do in NYC in spring 2023.
Once the weather is warmer, you will feel the need to spend more time outside.

Keep on discovering top things to do in NYC in spring 2023

As you can see, NYC is an eternal source of fun and interesting things to see and do. It will not take too long for you to get to know the area and start coming across things you love. People who move there will also add new hobbies as this city really has so many new things to offer. Get ready to meet some wonderful people and of course, start making new friendships as well. Get the moving quote NYC offers to help you determine the costs beforehand! And, while you keep on exploring top things to do in NYC in spring 2023, focus on your needs and rely on locals to help you. After all, no one knows the area better than those who lived there their entire life. 



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