Top things to do in NYC during Christmas holidays

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There is no single person that will not like to spend Christmas in New York City. Most of us have never seen some of the most spectacular places in this town. But for those who have just moved here or plan to move here before Christmas comes, you are in for a blast. Numerous places will make Christmas more magical. If that is even possible. With this guide to top things too in NYC during Christmas holidays, you will be able to see and experience some of the most amazing things related to this holly day. Therefore, if you have been thinking about relocating here, doing it with Clean Cut Moving Services NYC and doing it before Christmas is your chance to spend the Christmas holidays in some of the most spectacular places. Let us check them out.

Top things to do in NYC during Christmas holidays

  1. The Rockettes Radio City Music Hall
  2. The Rockettes Christmas Spectacular
  3. The Nutcracker
  4. Christmas Markets
  5. Bryant Park
  6. Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree
  7. Saks Fifth Avenue Light Show
  8. New York Christmas Window Displays
  9. Dyker Heights Christmas Light
  10. Visit Central Park
  11.  Experience Carriage Ride
the look at the building from a snow bridge
NYC is the best place on earth to spend your holidays.

The Rockettes Radio City Music Hall

Dating back to 1932, the Radio City Music Hall’s Christmas celebration is something you should visit. Most people book their tickets even before they have relocated with movers Manhattan has. You will be able to see some of the most beautiful plays and shows and you will enjoy every minute of them. It is suitable for kids too. So if you have been looking for a place where you can spend some quality time with your family, book a ticket here and have a blast. You will not regret it. And it is the perfect way to start spending the Christmas holidays in New York City.

The Nutcracker

One of the most famous Christmas shows is the Nutcracker. And it cannot compare to the tv show. It is a more visual and better experience than you have imagined. Kids will love this show. You will need some warm clothes and a smile on your face. The rest of the great stuff you will feel and experience will be in this show. Check the unpacking calendar and see if your move with ANCHR can be combined with the show. You will not regret seeing this performance.

Everyone should see the Nutcracker

The Rockettes Christmas Spectacular

This is pure fun! You will see extraordinary singers, figure skaters, a group of dancers, a 3D screen showing Santa’s adventure, etc. You will need to book a ticket the moment you find out about this show because people are loving it. It is usually the first thing people like to do when they move. Seeing all the diversity around here will give you a sense of belonging. Especially if you have just moved here alone, you will meet new people that have the same interest as you do, and you will not have to wry about feeling lonely ding these holidays. So if moving alone was scary for you, face your fears and move with ANCHOR. Grab a chance to experience NYC in the best way possible.

Christmas markets are one of the top things to do in NYC during Christmas holidays

People of all ages love spending their holidays here. There are so many things you can buy and get for the upcoming holiday. There are numerous crafts and handmade decorations that your mind will be blown away. You will be able to buy a Christmas gift for everyone. These are the best places to buy some souvenirs for your guest. If you are not sure where to go and you have just moved here, do not worry.

There are things that you will be able to afford. However, if you are worried about how much will the whole relocation and getting everything done for the celebration will be, you can always do next. Ask for moving quotes NYC has and get the information about how much money you will need to get in New York City. Here are some of the best markets you will find in New York City:

  • Bryant Park Winter Village,
  • Union Square Holiday Market
  • Columbus Circle Holiday Market
  • Grand Holiday Bazaar
  • Grand Central Holiday Fair
  • The Market at Westfield World Trade Center
  • Christmas Market at Amaze Light Festival
  • Holiday Market at The Williamsburg Hotel
NYC and snow
Check out the best Christmas markets in NYC

Ice skating, anyone?

For all ice skating lovers, numerous places in New York City will give you the pleasure to wear your favorite skates and have fun. You will have to choose between the most special ones. It knows to be crowdy in the center of New York. But this city would not be the best one if it did not have other places where you can state except the center. If you have moved to some of the neighborhoods in New York City, you will be able to find places where you can go ice skating. Queens is one of them. There are three of four places where you can ice skate and where everybody will have fun. For all of you who have just moved here with one of the best movers Queens have, you are going to have so much fun!

 Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree

Let us remind you what Christmas is all about. Along with spending time with your loved one, you cannot but be happy about all the lights and trees that are around you and decorated. One of the most special things for everyone living in New York City is visiting the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree. If you miss seeing this, it will be like you have gone to Paris but you have not seen the Eiffel Tower. Keep in mind that it knows to be so many tourists and people from all around the world who have the same to New York City just to see this. You should avoid the most crowded hours here.

And how will you do it? It is simple. The commute to this place is very easy. There are multiple ways of coming here in a short time. Even during the holidays. So make sure you choose the hours when there is less crowd. Choose the hours when tourists will not occupy this place. And if you just moved to some parts of New York, like Smithtown, you should be able to get here anytime. You can even ask one of the most reputable movers Smithtown NY, who helped you relocate what is the best way to come here and at what hours. This is an inside piece of information and it will be of great value. Do not lose a chance to visit this most famous thing in New York City. And do it at the time you like and that suits you.

people ice skating
Go ice skating near your home and have fun

Top things to do in NYC during Christmas holidays – visit Saks Fifth Avenue Light Show

This Light Show brings the holiday spirit to a whole new level. If you get there on time, you can find spots to see a show without disruptions. For example, if you attend from the viewpoint of the Warner Brothers Tree at Rockefeller Center you will see the whole show. But, if you turn 180 degrees around, you will see a Saks storefront where their light show plays to dramatic Christmas music.

This is something that you should not miss when spending your Christmas holidays in New York City. It is a unique and once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Most people don’t know where to stand and have no idea that two magical places can be seen at the same time. It could be one of your new traditions after the relocation.

New York Christmas window displays – why is all the fuss about this?

It is simple. People draw on the windows of their companies and homes and make New York City even more beautiful. You will see some of the amazing art scathes and painting with white paint. There are numerous spots in the town where you will see great window decorations. As we have said, it is not just on some big companies’ windows. People tend to draw on their windows at home. If you are one of them, consider getting packing services once the festive time is over.

Some places around NYC are not so hidden but yet not so familiar. That is why visiting them is magical. You will see some locals painting their windows and those windows might be even more beautiful than the ones in the center. As we said, getting some additional moving services like storage NYC can be helpful. However, for those that like to walk around the center of New York City, you should not miss Fifth Avenue. There are some of the most beautiful painted windows in the whole of New York City.

snow in NYC
Find the best-decorated windows in NYC

Is there something different in Brooklyn than in the rest of the boroughs of New York?

One of the things that you will not find in Manhattan is the botanical garden that lights up for holidays. Brooklyn Botanical Garden is a gorgeous, after-dark spectacular place you should visit. It is all set in over a million lights and colors. There is live music that will bring the spirit of Christmas even closer to you. There are even food concessions that can offer you seasonal food and a lot of hot chocolate for kids. Well, not even adults will be able to pass the hot chocolate vendors.

It is considered to be the most extravagant and largest winter lights exhibition in New York City. For all of you who have just relocated here with one of the best movers Brooklyn has, you will have a chance and privilege to go here every night. And the best part of it is that you will always notice something new.

Dyker Heights Christmas Lights

Brooklyn has an easy commute to Manhattan, so there is no wonder why people choose to come here. The main reason is because of the best New York attractions you will find. And it is Dyker Heights Christmas Lights. It has some of the top Christmas light decorations. You will find some life-size Santa, sleighs, and snowmen, and even hear some of the most wonderful carols from loudspeakers. Brooklyn is really worth visiting during the winter holidays.

lights in the park you should see as one of the things to do in NYC during Christmas holidays
Check out all of these places and make a plan of visiting them.

Central Park

One of the most romantic places where you can spend the Christmas holidays is in Central Park. You might even remember all the scenes from the movie Home Alone and maybe sit on a bench just to get it all in. You will never feel cold here. But it is the most famous place for newlyweds and lovers to come by and have a nice time together. So if you want to have a date during the holiday and you have no idea where to go, Central park is always a good answer. It is the most special place when the snow falls. You should also get a chance to come here during the night. The lights and the quiet are something that will win you over.

Last but not least thing to do in NYC during the Christmas holidays is to have a carriage ride

One of the biggest questions people have is whether the horses are trained and whether they are in a good condition. On both of these questions, the answer is yes. They are trained and you will not have to worry whether they will do part of the job. When it comes to the condition of the horses, you should not be worried. The veterinaries are just nearby so they could check on the horses any time. And when all of this is solved, you can call your date, make a special night, and enjoy the ride together. Statistics have shown that most of the proposals have happened o these carriage rides. So, if you plan to propose your better half during the holidays, here is one of the options for you.

carriage ride on snow
Carriage rides are one of the most romantic things to do in NYC during Christmas holidays.

Among all of these top things to do in NYC during Christmas holidays, you should know that there is no better way than to spend time with your loved ones. If you have found the love of your life, or you have kids that are looking for having fun, New York City has something for you. So relax and enjoy one of the most special holidays. Merry Christmas everyone!



We had our wonderful wonderful experience with these movers. Special thanks to our foreman, Josh, and everyone on the team who helped.

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