Top reasons why young families move from Manhattan to Queens

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You decided to move from Manhattan to a new neighborhood. Whatever the reason might be, you must know everything that awaits you in the new environment. Starting with demographics, history, job opportunities, schools, economy, infrastructure, etc. You simply must obtain this kind of knowledge to get along and adapt better. But for some boroughs, there are more reasons why people choose to move there. And now, when you have decided to move to Queens, you are probably wondering why so many young families move from Manhattan to Queens. There must be something out there that is drawing attention. Yes, there is. So before you call your local movers in Manhattan NY, let us provide the answer to this question. Let’s dive right in.

Young families move from Manhattan to Queens in search of better business opportunities

This is probably the most obvious reason why anyone would relocate to Queens. The job opportunities are amazing and the business market is stable and colorful. Whoever is willing to give it a try will find something viable and sustainable. And what is good to hear is that the economy is booming, and the business market growing and expanding. So, if you are a business owner, you’ll be glad to hear that you won’t have any trouble relocating your business or starting a new one. On the other hand, if you are a job-seeker, then you might need some time to find one. But what is important is that you have a plethora of choices in front of you. Just make sure you start looking for a job before you organize your relocation and move with your professional Tribeca movers.

seeking better employment is why young families move from Manhattan to Queens
One reason why young families move from Manhattan to Queens is that finding a good job in Queens is easy.

The housing market is better

This one is easy. As you know, Manhattan is expensive in many ways. Starting with the housing market, groceries, clubs, restaurants, you name it. But what makes a huge difference between the two is the housing market. You will find much better housing opportunities and steadier investments in Queens. Obviously, we are comparing your budget and what you can get when limited. So, check your moving budget along with the housing one. If you are about to rent, then even better. Renting is way cheaper in Queens than in Manhattan. Hence, whatever you choose, you will only gain. Or should we say you will spend less, and your investment will be secured? So, if you like what you hear, contact your long distance movers Queens NY, and let them relocate you safely to your new home.

The transportation system is important

Another reason why young families move from Manhattan to Queens is the transportation. Commuting is always important, and if you must spend hours in traffic, it is not good. This is usually the case with NYC. It is cluttered because of all the tourists and attractions we have all over the place. Big Apple is famous, therefore, really bad traffic. Although Queens is strategically positioned well. You are only 30 min away from Bronx, Manhattan, and Brooklyn, and around 45 min away from New Jersey. This means you won’t have any problem using a bike, going wherever you want on foot, or using your personal vehicle. Despite being stuck in traffic for a while, you’ll still get there on time. Also, you have taxis, subway, and bus stations at your disposal.

Yellow Cab NYC
Forever famous Yellow Cab is just one of the ways of transportation in Queens.

Young families move from Manhattan to Queens because it is diverse and more friendly

Young families, and especially millennials, love Queens for many reasons. It is a friendly and diverse place which is one of the most important parts of this story. People here are friendly and welcoming. The community is amazing and there are many areas perfectly designed for families with children. Although the whole of NYC is diverse and friendly. But what makes Queens different is the peace and quiet you’ll have there.

You can make friends, visit some of the best restaurants in the world, enjoy your new environment, have fun, and much more. And all that without an enormous crowd and noise like the one you can find in Manhattan. Therefore, check out the housing market and start searching for a perfect home in Queens. Once you find one, call your Clean Cut Moving NYC company and let them relocate you safely and affordably. You made the right choice in making this one your next destination.

The change of scenery

NYC is a legendary place when it comes to events and clubbing. You will never get bored or run out of things to do here. And as one of the NYC boroughs, Queens is no different. It has a rich music scene, great restaurants, amazing shopping places, even better coffee spots, and much more. We won’t even mention all the green areas, playgrounds, sports centers, parks, etc. And this is exactly why young families move from Manhattan to Queens. It has everything, but it is calmer and more peaceful. Escape all the tourists and commotion the Big Apple brings and enjoy the hidden gems of Queens.

a woman looking at the city from a stone wall thinking about why young families move from Manhattan to Queens
Young families move from Manhattan to Queens because there is a lot to see and explore here.

The neighborhood is simply amazing

As you can see, you will have everything you had in any other NY neighborhood. The only difference is that Queens is a bit calmer than the surrounding boroughs. But if this is something you seek, you will benefit greatly. As we stated earlier, great job opportunities, schools, and a family-friendly environment await you there.

Now you know why young families move from Manhattan to Queens. You have a unique opportunity to do the same and become a new member of this colorful community. We are sure you’ll have a wonderful new beginning and a great time in Queens NYC. Just make sure you have a good moving plan and a reliable moving company by your side. Relocating safely is important to have a positive start in your new environment. Good luck, and stay safe.



We had our wonderful wonderful experience with these movers. Special thanks to our foreman, Josh, and everyone on the team who helped.

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