Top reasons why people move from Queens to NJ

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You are considering moving to NJ, but you are not sure if this is the right move for you. If this is your story, then know this. You are not alone. It is true that people move from NYC to NJ all the time, but the info on why they do it varies significantly. Luckily, we know why people move from Queens to NJ, and we will explain it in detail. So, before you contact your movers NYC to NJ, you must create a moving plan and learn more about the neighborhood you are moving to. More importantly, to decide if you’ll move to NJ in the first place. Let’s dive right in.

The most important reason why people move from Queens to NJ is the peace and quiet

Whether you want to retire or raise your kids, NJ is far better than NYC. Simply because NYC has a fast lifestyle while NJ is slower-paced. Just by having lower prices on bills, groceries, and taxes, people have less stress and think less about their jobs and obligations. This provides NJ residents with more time to spend with their loved ones. Or simply to cultivate hobbies, exercise, and have more time for themselves.

a woman doing yoga representing why people move from Queens to NJ
Move from Queens to NJ to have a more peaceful life than in NYC.

Although, before you contact your movers Queens, keep in mind that NJ is still a huge city, just like NYC. The only difference is that people are more relaxed about everything. And this is the thing you need. If you want to live in a stress-free and relaxed environment, NJ is the place for you. There are quite a few family-friendly neighborhoods you can choose from. Moreover, job opportunities are great and schools even better. Your family will love it here.

It is less crowded as well

We all know how NYC can be. Sometimes the fast and hectic lifestyle can be a bit too much. We all need a break from it at some point, and what better way to do it than to relocate to a less crowded environment? NJ is that place, for sure. Not only that it has fewer residents, but as we stated earlier, it is more relaxed, and people are more friendly. This kind of environment will heal you, and you will adapt within days. And, of course, if you want to get back to the NYC lifestyle just for a day, it is a boat ride away. You can live in NJ and work in NYC. Or simply go out and hit one of the NYC nightclubs. And at the end of the day, you’ll be back in your peaceful and cozy environment. So, if this sounds appealing, call your movers NYC today and start planning your relocation.

You can finally own a vehicle

One of the main reasons why people move from Queens to NJ is the traffic. You probably know by now that it is impossible to have a vehicle and escape hours of being stuck in traffic. This can happen on a daily basis, and there is no particular time of the year when traffic is better. NYC is simply cluttered with tourists, vehicles, and a fast lifestyle. It is the center of the world for most people, after all, and this kind of situation is understandable. But it is still annoying.

better transportation is a reason to move from Queens to NJ
You won’t have to use the Taxi service anymore. Own your personal vehicle like a boss.

So, if you want to purchase a car and use it as a means of transportation, it will be much cheaper and more convenient to do it in NJ. You won’t have to spend money on a taxi or to go to work on foot or on a bike. You can take the wheel in your hands and hit the road whenever you want. And if you become nostalgic, visit NYC and spend a day in traffic just to remind yourself why you moved to NJ in the first place.

Transportation is amazing

Now, if you do not want to own a vehicle but still be able to commute easily, NJ is the right place to do it. The transportation system in NJ is really amazing and cheaper than in NY. People mostly use the PATH train, and a roundtrip between NYC and NJ will cost you only 5 bucks. While buses in NJ are around $1.50. In NYC, you can expect to pay twice the amount. But that is not the only problem. As we already mentioned, traffic in NYC is grotesque. It can take you more than an hour to travel to work, even if you live a few blocks away. While you can work in NYC and travel from NJ within 30 minutes. The difference between those two is huge and that is one of the reasons why people move from Queens to NJ. No doubt.

Another reason for people to move from Queens to NJ is affordable housing

If you are living in NYC at the moment, you will need local movers. And if you want to buy a property, you can only dream about it first and then become reach to do it. But jokes aside, yes, it is much better to rent in NYC than to buy your own place. In NJ, the situation is a bit different. Not only that properties are cheaper to purchase, but renting is at least 30% cheaper. This gives you a nice opportunity for a head start, and you’ll surely save a bit of money along the way. Just after a year in NJ you’ll get back on your feet and start saving quite a bit. So, check online or consult your real estate agent and let them help you find the best housing solution for you. NJ awaits!

a wooden interior design representing home prices as one of the reasons people move from Queens to NJ
People move from Queens to NJ because they will be able to afford the home of their dreams. NJ is much cheaper than Queens.

Everything is slightly cheaper

Starting with transportation and all the way to taxes. Everything is a bit cheaper in New Jersey. We have already mentioned that groceries, housing, taxes, and commuting are cheaper. The main things you need in life are more affordable, and you’ll simply love them. Especially if you live in NJ and work in NYC. Earning more than you can spend is always welcomed with your arms wide open. You and your family will easily get used to a better quality of life. Therefore, move to your friendly neighbor New Jersey and reap the rewards it has to offer.

Now you know why people move from Queens to NJ. After reading our piece, we are sure you want to do the same. Just make sure you learn enough about history, customs, and fun facts about NJ. It will make the adaptation period much easier. Good luck.



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