Top NYC Boroughs for Remote Workers

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New York is fun and hectic no matter if you are a resident or a tourist. It is a great location for young professionals, digital nomads, and various kinds of businesspeople. This megalopolis is one of the most popular destinations for travel and work. But since it’s a huge city with lots of different neighborhoods, sometimes it is hard to determine which are the top NYC boroughs for remote workers. However, with proper guidance from cheap movers NYC, remote workers will be able to find the area that best suits their needs.

Our list of top NYC boroughs for remote workers

The five boroughs of New York offer an array of activities and amenities. This is the perfect place to combine work and sightseeing.  And you will easily settle in with the assistance of top movers Bushwick. New York offers so many things to experience that a lifetime wouldn’t be enough. Since you cannot visit every landmark and popular place in a short time, you have to focus on the most diverse areas. All five boroughs boast amazing things to do and see. But some are more popular and easier to reach by transportation than others.

Manhattan as one of the top NYC boroughs for remote workers
Manhattan offers a multitude of options, which is why it’s one of the best NYC boroughs for remote workers

Here are the top three boroughs for remote workers:

  • Manhattan
  • Brooklyn
  • Queens


The most famous island in the world, and one of the most inhabited ones, will shower you with history, culture, expensive stores, prestigious restaurants, and, of course, the vast green outdoors of Central Park. Manhattan is convenient for remote workers as it contains numerous hubs, cafes, and hotel lobbies that are adapted to fit the needs of working nomads. Almost every street on this island boasts film-like scenery. Wherever you find your working spot, you will be surrounded by the unique energy of this vibrant city. However, some parts of Manhattan are more attractive than others, especially for remote workers. Upper East Side, Soho, Midtown, and Battery Park City are the top places to visit and work from.

Upper East Side

Working remotely from the most prestigious NY area sounds amazing. Apart from a multitude of co-working spaces, some of which are world-famous co-working chains, this neighborhood offers many other perks. New York’s most famous museums are located right here. After working hours are over, there is a multitude of cultural institutions to choose from. The Met, MOMA, and Guggenheim offer a unique art experience. The concentration of a large art collection within a couple of mile radius is astonishing.

If you are more of a sporty type, the running trails and walking paths of Central Park will leave you in awe. Running before or after work through Central Park is a great privilege a remote worker can have, unlike many others who are deprived of such experience. If you have relocation concerns when renting a place on Upper East Side, the best Manhattan movers are at your disposal.


New York’s famous art district features galleries, designer stores, and luxury boutiques. It boasts many cafes suitable for remote work. Also, from this part of town, you can easily combine work and sightseeing, as Tribeca, Chinatown, and Greenwich Village are within walking distance. Even if you live in a different part of New York, a remote work base in Soho can spice up your business hours. In Soho, you may find artsy and unusual working hubs. So, if you want to escape from the mundane environment of a typical coworking space, this is the right place.

buildings in Soho
Unwind after a long day in a famous NY shopping district


The junction of 42nd street and 5th Avenue is the heart of the city. This part of New York offers popular and historic places with free Wi-Fi for those who wish to step out of the cafe or a coworking space a bit. Bryant Park is a beloved New York destination that offers free Wi-Fi, and it is known to be one of the busiest hotspots in the world. You can work from here only during the daytime, as the park closes at 10 pm. The nearby New York Public Library also offers free Wi-Fi. If you choose Midtown as your office, remember that there are plenty of iconic places you can work from. Fifth Avenue and Times Square are within walking distance, so you may take a stroll after you call it a day.

Battery Park City

This part of town is in the Financial District, very close to Wall Street. Being in the heart of financial buildings, renowned world companies, and the world’s most famous stock market can positively affect your business. If you get tired of work, hop on a nearby Staten Island ferry or Liberty Island ferry and enjoy the ride.


If you are looking for a cheaper option in NYC, then Brooklyn is the place to be. Historic brownstones, great connections with Manhattan, plenty of cafes, and co-working spaces. One of the best moving companies Brooklyn offers will help you with moving, packing, and storage services. Once you have settled, you can choose how to structure your remote work. There are many options to choose from when it comes to the type of remote work. Whether you will opt for a daily or monthly pass in one of the local co-working hubs or you just want to work from a cafe, it is up to you.

a view of Brooklyn Bridge representing Brooklyn as one of the top NYC boroughs for remote workers
Choose on which side of the Brooklyn Bridge you will find your spot for remote work


Queens is a very popular neighborhood with young professionals who are looking for affordable housing. Choose one of the best moving companies Queens has to help you relocate to one of the safest places in NYC. The proximity to JFK and LaGuardia airports is convenient for frequent business travel.

Which of the NYC boroughs for remote workers would you choose?

Finding top NYC boroughs for remote workers is easy if you know what you are looking for. Make an outline of your budget, working hours, subway lines, and other important logistical matters. With that info, you will find the right place for yourself and your work in this megalopolis.



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