Top 10 Splurge-Worthy Restaurants in Manhattan

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Manhattan is one of the most popular places in the entire world, not just the US! It is a very rich neighborhood, with so many different activities for people from all walks of life. The foodie scene in Manhattan is no different. It offers something for everyone, with cuisines from all over the world. From small mom-and-pop joints to fine-dining restaurants, it really has it all. As one of the best professional movers NYC has to offer, we would like to share with you our list of the top 10 splurge-worthy restaurants in Manhattan.

Eleven Madison Park is one of the most splurge-worthy restaurants in Manhattan

Located in Manhattan’s Flatiron District, Eleven Madison Park is a renowned restaurant with three Michelin stars. The menu showcases seasonal ingredients from local farms and purveyors. The restaurant’s Art Deco-inspired decor and stunning views of Madison Square Park add to the dining experience. The tasting menu features 8-10 courses of creatively presented dishes, and the wine list boasts over 2,000 bottles. The restaurant has a dress code of elegant attire, and reservations are highly recommended due to its popularity. The restaurant’s attention to detail extends beyond the food, making it an immersive experience. Ask your Manhattan movers for directions if you’re not sure where it’s located.

Splurge-Worthy restaurant in Manhattan.
There are many splurge-worthy restaurants in Manhattan, it’s up to you to decide which menu looks the most attractive and start from there.

Per Se

Per Se is an acclaimed splurge-worthy French-American restaurant located in the Time Warner Center. With a three-Michelin-star rating, Per Se is renowned for its luxurious and elegant dining experience. The menu at Per Se features classic French techniques combined with American flavors, that result in sophisticated and inventive dishes. The restaurant is known for its exceptional wine list and features over 2,000 bottles from around the world. Per Se’s dining room is intimate and refined, with stunning views of Central Park. The tasting menu is a culinary journey, with nine courses that highlight the season’s best ingredients.

Le Bernardin

Located in Midtown Manhattan, Le Bernardin is a world-class seafood restaurant that has earned three Michelin stars. Renowned for its exquisite culinary creations, Le Bernardin’s menu puts an emphasis on fresh, high-quality seafood. The restaurant’s elegant and minimalist decor creates a serene atmosphere that allows the food to take center stage. The staff is knowledgeable, attentive, and passionate about the menu. Le Bernardin’s tasting menu features a progression of expertly prepared dishes that highlight the flavors and textures of the seafood. From raw and crudo dishes to perfectly cooked entrees, every plate is a work of art.


If you want a Japanese splurge-worthy restaurant in Manhattan, look no further than Masa. The menu features omakase-style sushi that is expertly prepared by Chef Masa Takayama. The ingredients are of the highest quality, flown in from Japan daily. The restaurant’s minimalist decor and intimate setting create a tranquil atmosphere that allows diners to focus on the culinary experience. People from all walks of life, including Manhattan residential movers, will recommend this restaurant to you, regardless of the fact it’s one of the most expensive places in the city!

Manhattan during the day.
Manhattan is one of the most expensive neighborhoods in the US, but the restaurants and the food are worth every penny!


Jean-Georges is a French-American restaurant in Manhattan with three Michelin stars. Located in the Trump International Hotel, the restaurant offers stunning views of Central Park. The menu blends classic French techniques combined with Asian flavors. The staff expertly prepares and presents the dishes with artistic flair. Jean-Georges offers a variety of dining experiences, including a tasting menu, a prix fixe menu, and a la carte options. The service is attentive and knowledgeable about the menu and wine list.

The Chef’s Table

Moving on with our list of splurge-worthy restaurants in Manhattan, we’re presenting the Chef’s Table. Guests are seated at a counter facing the open kitchen, where they can watch the chefs prepare and plate each dish. The menu offers a progression of small plates that highlight seasonal ingredients and inventive culinary techniques. The service is knowledgeable and attentive, and the chefs are happy to answer any questions guests may have about the dishes.

If you want a splurge-worthy restaurant in Manhattan, check out Blue Hill

Blue Hill is a farm-to-table restaurant in Manhattan that focuses on sustainable agriculture. The restaurant has earned one Michelin star and features a menu that changes frequently based on the seasonality of the ingredients. The dishes at Blue Hill are creative and inventive, highlighting the flavors and textures of the locally sourced ingredients. In addition to the restaurant, Blue Hill also has a farm in upstate New York, where they grow many of the ingredients used in the dishes.


This splurge-worthy french restaurant is located on the Upper East Side and offers an elegant and sophisticated dining experience. The menu features classic French dishes prepared with a modern twist, and the wine list is extensive and carefully curated. You will find attentive and polished service and a refined and romantic atmosphere. Make sure to ask your movers from Upper East Side about the location of this great place and head out once they are done unloading your boxes!

Al Coro is one of the best splurge-worthy restaurants in Manhattan

Al Coro is an extravagant Italian restaurant in Manhattan that has earned one Michelin star. The restaurant is located in the Meatpacking District and offers a luxurious dining experience. The menu has traditional Italian dishes with a unique twist, and the wine list is extensive and well-curated. It has attentive service and an elegant atmosphere you will definitely enjoy!

Fine dining splurge-worthy restaurants in Manhattan.
The foodie scene in Manhattan is one of the best in the world, so there is no shortage of splurge-worthy restaurants there!

Gramercy Tavern

Our final entry on our list of splurge-worthy restaurants in Manhattan is Gramercy Tavern. It’s a classic American restaurant that has earned one Michelin star. The menu features seasonal ingredients and highlights the flavors of classic American cuisine. The restaurant also has private dining rooms available for special events. For those seeking a cozy and comforting American dining experience, this is a top choice. All the movers from Upper West Side know about this place and will surely recommend it to you.



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