Tips for moving out of your parents’ home for the first time

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If you are moving out of your parents’ home for the first time – congratulations! You are about to embark on a new journey and live a completely new life! What you must keep in mind is that moving is a demanding endeavor that will take a lot of time. Plus, you have to consider that moving isn’t just logistically, but also emotionally demanding. However, moving doesn’t have to be an exhausting and dull endeavor. You can always contact us at Clean Cut Moving Service NYC, as we specialize in a wide variety of moving services. Plus, we are one of the cheap movers NYC that provide high-quality moving services. Our team stands at your disposal whenever you feel ready to relocate to your new home.

Moving out of your parents’ home for the first time and patience

The first step towards your move is a moving schedule that works for you. Unfortunately, moving isn’t as easy as it seems, which is why a plan is much-needed. Only then will you feel confident and motivated about your move and complete all the tasks with ease. However, make sure not to postpone this step until the very last minute when there’s little to no time for anything. That being said, you should avoid moving in a rush, especially when doing it for the first time. Moving is a challenging period that can become more fun and joyful if you start with preparations on time.

happy young black woman with moving boxes behind her representing moving out of your parents home for the first time
Relocation can be a fun experience, especially when moving out of your parents’ home for the first time

Declutter your life and make room for the new

Before you even start looking for local movers in Manhattan NY, take a day or two for decluttering. A move is also a chance for a fresh start, which is why it’s good to keep the clutter away from your new home. In addition to this, there are many other advantages that come with decluttering:

  • When you have fewer items to move, you need fewer boxes and containers.
  • The movers are left with fewer items to pack and move, which also means less workload for them and a lower price for your move.
  • You can earn extra money by selling shoes, clothes, bags – basically anything in good condition that can bring you extra bucks.

Be mindful when decluttering. Not everything has to go straight into the garbage. Remember that you can also donate or recycle as well.

Come up with a moving budget

An essential part of your move is a moving budget. Transportation and labor work will make the most of your total moving expenses. If you’re moving long-distance, the price will go significantly higher compared with the local move.  That’s why a detailed moving budget is important. Once you are done with decluttering, you can list an accurate number of packing supplies, as well as the services you need for your move:

  • Packing supplies 
  • Moving company
  • Storage unit
  • Moving insurance

Tips on how to quickly find affordable movers

It seems that finding good movers is hard, but it’s actually the opposite. All you need is to know how to search for movers the right way. A capable moving team is worth the time you invest in search. It’s better than settling for the movers that don’t actually prioritize the needs and wishes of their customers. So many other professional movers out there are ready to do the hard work and ensure you have a stress-free move from the moment you meet them.

happy guy sorting the boxes
Find reliable movers who will get the work done professionally and efficiently.

By following the tips below, you’ll find only the movers who will work in your best interest:

  • Look only for licensed moving companies Brooklyn and other neighborhoods have on offer.
  • Avoid any company that doesn’t offer a free moving estimate.
  • Read previous customer experiences with the companies.
  • Pick several budget-friendly moving companies and book their estimates.
  • Compare the estimates and see which company should be the one to carry out your move.

Moving doesn’t have to be too high in price

Moving, whether short-distance or long-distance, takes time and money. However, there’s no need to settle for ridiculously high prices with so many affordable movers on the market. That doesn’t mean their service quality is necessarily lower. Believe that it’s entirely possible to get good quality at reasonable rates. For example, many companies provide some of the most affordable yet high-quality storage and packing service NYC. This is why it’s good to research and compare the companies and their price points to know which ones serve top services while keeping the prices moderate.

young woman writing on a moving box
Moving out of your parents’ home for the first time takes time to plan and execute.

Extra tips for a smooth move out of your parent’s home

Logistical moving preparations are just a part of your moving journey. The other one has a lot to do with the way you feel about the entire endeavor. For some people, moving is an emotionally draining process, especially if they find it hard to say goodbye to their home, friends, and family. Keeping in touch with your closest ones will help you stay on track with moving tasks. You can also include them in the moving process and throw a farewell party. Nowadays, there are many methods that keep you connected to loved ones who are far from you. Gaming or watching movies together are some of them.

Learn more about your new place before moving out of your parents’ home for the first time

The more you know about your new neighborhood, the better you feel about your upcoming move. It’s true that moving out of your parents’ home for the first time is challenging in many aspects. However, it also opens you to new experiences and endeavors. Your new place of residence can also be comfy, cozy, urban, and vibrant  – depending on what you want. Therefore, take time to learn as much as you can about your new neighborhood and everything the city offers.



We had our wonderful wonderful experience with these movers. Special thanks to our foreman, Josh, and everyone on the team who helped.

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