The simplest way to pack your household for a move from Brooklyn to New Jersey

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You have finally found a new home in New Jersey, and you can start with moving preparations. But there are so many things to do before you finally get there. If you find yourself standing in the middle of a room and do not know where to start, please do not panic. It is overwhelming and only natural to feel scared, especially if this is your first time relocating. For such a complex process, a moving company such as Clean Cut Moving NYC can help. Movers have a lot of experience in packing different kinds of items. Also, packing is a great opportunity to clean, sort out, and remove all the items you no longer need. All this will simplify your entire move. Therefore, read this article and learn to pack your household for a move from Brooklyn to New Jersey.

Let’s sort it out first

The simplest way to sort things out is to start room by room. Some experts say that you should start from the room which has the most items in it. Once you pack the most difficult part, it would be much easier to pack the rest. Setting aside some time to declutter and get rid of items you no longer need saves you time and can reduce the cost of moving. Movers NYC to NJ advise you also to pack properly the items you plan to donate or maybe give for recycling. You will arrive at your new destination only with the items you like and need. While sorting things out, you should have three categories: sell, donate, and trash. The items which are in a good condition you should sell or donate. In addition, all the damaged items you should put in a trash category.

a man packing and a woman holding a pen
Sort items before you pack your household for a move from Brooklyn to New Jersey

When to pack your household for a move from Brooklyn to New Jersey

Ideally, packing should start several months before the moving date. But in case you do not have that much time, please do not worry. Some tips can help you speed up the packing process. If possible, start at least 8 weeks before one of the moving companies Brooklyn arrives to pick up your goods. Your closet and garage are probably the places where you will spend most of your time sorting out and packing. Try to put in as much decluttering effort as possible. In addition, be realistic to yourself regarding your clothes. There is no point in packing tons of clothes and shoes if you are not going to wear them. Instead, better sell it or donate it to those in real need. Also, try to apply the same when packing things from your garage.

Get packing supplies so packing can start

Before you engage in a packing procedure, make sure to get all the packing materials you need. In addition, make a list of all the packing supplies that you need to obtain. It would be great not to rush with packing, so you do not make any mistakes while packing.  Start by going from one room to another. In addition, make sure to label all the boxes. You may buy color labels or numbers. It would be useful once you start unpacking. You will not need to randomly open the boxes. For some larger items, such as furniture and electrical appliances, packing services NYC would be a great recommendation. Before you move to the next room, make sure to pack each room completely. Do not leave too many tasks for later, as this can only cause delays. It will take more of your time if you keep going back.

two people wrapping a chair representing how to pack your household for a move from Brooklyn to New Jersey
Declutter as much as possible before you start packing

How to pack your household for a move from Brooklyn to New Jersey

When it comes to packing glassware, dishes, and other sensitive items, here, you should apply all your knowledge to protect the goods. When packing dishes and glasses, wrap each piece with a piece of paper. Old newspapers should work for this. Tack dishes vertically, not horizontally. Pad the top and bottom of the box with cloth or towels. Regarding packing liquids, remove the lid and cover each bottle or jar with a piece of plastic wrap. Then you can put the lid on the top to ensure the content will not spill out. Lightweight items you can put in dresser drawers. You can put kitchen plastic wrap over the top of each drawer. This will prevent items from shifting in transit. Linen, towels, and other cloth materials can serve greatly as fillers. Optionally, you can buy a plastic bag and other fillers.

Other packing tips to follow

In everything you do regarding packing, try to find a way that will work the best for you. Every move is different, and some rules may not apply to you. If you are moving on a budget, get free boxes from friends, family, and neighbors. Also, you can try with trash bags. Put trash bags around your clothes while they’re still hanging in the closet. Then, leave the hangers sticking out. This is a great example of DIY closet moving. Don’t forget to use your suitcases for packing. Depending on how much you have, this can be a great packing source. Also, use all the closets, drawers, and other organizers to make packing easier. Remember to fall your plan when you need to pack your household for a move from Brooklyn to New Jersey.

two people taking about how to pack your household for a move from Brooklyn to New Jersey
Pay attention to fragile items when you pack your household for a move from Brooklyn to New Jersey

Now that you have created a firm packing plan, your packing party can start. Packing can be a dreadful experience for anybody. But remember that you only need to follow some basic tips to pack your household for a move from Brooklyn to New Jersey. In addition, if you can get some friends and neighbors to help you with it, this can be a fun experience. While packing together, you may order pizza and also donate items to your friends. A win-win situation for everybody. Remember that this is a great opportunity to declutter your goods and make a great new start in your new New Jersey home.



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