The Commuter’s Survival Guide for NYC

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Being one of the biggest and most populous cities in the world, New York has become notorious for its long commutes and hectic public transport. This is not unusual for any megalopolis worldwide. However, if you prepare well, you might be able to alleviate the stress, minimize commuting time, and look for practical transportation options. One of the best moving companies NYC offers presents you with the commuter’s survival guide for NYC. Learn useful tips and tricks on how to survive your trip to work and back home.

A complete commuter’s survival guide for NYC

People who live on the outskirts of New York City have various transportation options at their disposal. Train and bus are the most popular ones, no matter which direction the travelers are going. Metro-North train line takes you from Grand Central Station to upstate New York and Connecticut. New Jersey is connected with Manhattan via buses that leave from Port Authority. And as for the Long Island residents, they can easily reach the city via Long Island Railroad. This is also the busiest commuter railroad in North America, used by 300,000 people daily. Apart from these three major lines, there are many other transportation options to travel around NYC or to commute each day.

a girl using the ticket machine after reading commuter's survival guide for NYC
The first tip in our commuter’s survival guide for NYC: Find the most affordable option for transportation

But in order to survive your everyday commute, you need more information and tools. Apart from picking the right means of transportation, there are several other important guidelines:

  • help your budget and find cheaper fares
  • be informed about the weather forecast
  • travel lightly, but remember to pack essentials
  • check for traffic updates before leaving home
  • learn faster routes along the way
  • park and ride

Find cheaper fares

Go through all the fares and ticket options and find out which one is the least costly. Decide whether it is cheaper to buy a monthly, weekly, or daily pass. If you go to the office just a couple of times a week, then buying a monthly ticket does not pay off. Perhaps a ten-trip ticket will not cost less than buying ten single tickets, but it will be more convenient as you will avoid standing in line every time. If you plan on moving to New York or any of the neighboring towns, plan your future commute along with your relocation. After hiring one of the best moving companies Manhattan offers, start looking at your commuting options.

Also, off-peak tickets are cheaper than those for peak. If your working hours are flexible, consider taking an off-peak train. In addition, with some train lines, such as Metro-North, you can choose between express and regular trains. Express train doesn’t stop at every station, only at the major ones, so it will take you faster to your workplace. However, a faster ride means more expensive tickets.

Keep track of the weather

If you wish to have a seamless commute, then prepare for it as best as you can. Before you leave for work, check the weather forecast. Only then will you know how to dress in line with the temperature and weather conditions, and you will feel comfortable in your office. Carry a jacket or umbrella if it’s necessary, and always remember to wear adequate footwear. Sitting in your workplace with your feet soaking wet is not something you are looking forward to. If you hired one of the top moving companies Queens has, then all your belongings have arrived safely in your new home, and you have all your outfits in one place to choose from.

Travel lightly and pack essentials

Avoid overloading yourself while traveling in crowded trains and buses. Keep the important items at hand – such as your metro card, phone, and wallet. Standing in a packed train carrying a heavy bag or a backpack will make your trip less bearable. That is why it is important to limit the content of your bag to essentials only. Also, to make your commute shorter and more entertaining, download a podcast or bring a book. You may also utilize your commuting time to catch up with work if you find an available seat on a train or bus.

a man exiting subway and carrying a bag
Follow our commuter’s survival guide for NYC and pack lightly so you can navigate better through the crowded subway and hectic traffic

In case you are moving from Manhattan to Brooklyn and are just getting used to commuting, try as best as you can to apply various techniques to make your trip shorter and more pleasant.

Check for traffic updates before leaving home

If you don’t want to be late for work, you will make sure to predict and resolve all potential obstacles. Check for traffic updates every morning in case there are delays due to road accidents or scheduled roadworks. Get all possible traffic updates concerning your route before you head out to work. New York is known to be the most congested urban area in the country, and all commuters must be patient and well-prepared for traffic jams. Especially those traveling through the Holland tunnel or the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway. The renowned moving companies Brooklyn are fully aware of the traffic in NYC and will use alternative routes when performing a relocation.

a subway station representing commuter's survival guide for NYC
Check for travel updates before heading out to work

Learn as you go and add to this commuter’s survival guide for NYC

As you travel more and more and get to know the city better, you will find easier ways of commuting. Taking an earlier bus or train to avoid the traffic jam in the middle of rush hour is also one of the options. The commuter’s survival guide for NYC also includes a “park and ride” option. Find out if your local station has free or inexpensive parking where you can leave your car. This option is convenient for those who do not have a train or bus station near their house and need to find a ride to the station. But whatever means of transportation you opt for, remember to always keep yourself informed of NYC transportation and traffic. Following useful tips will facilitate your commuting to a great extent and make your everyday life more bearable.



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