The 6 safest neighborhoods in NYC

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Moving to NYC is usually due to family reasons or a job change. Also, plenty of artists who seek new inspiration move to NYC to experience everything this unique concrete jungle has to offer. However, the question is: What neighborhood to pick? Luckily, we at Clean Cut Moving Service NYC are there to solve your worries with this ultimate guide! We are presenting you with the 6 safest neighborhoods in NYC and all the necessary information you need to know about them. Once you decide, hire us, and let us do all the relocation work for you! As one of the cheap movers NYC with top-quality services, we will do our best so you can have a joyful new start in your chosen neighborhood!

The safest neighborhoods in NYC are favored by many

It’s hard to pinpoint which group of people is moving to some of the safest NYC hoods. Besides families, a great number of workers, entrepreneurs, and artists rather choose to stay away from the city noise. At the same time, they seek safe areas that also aren’t that far from the most important parts of New York City.

NYC street art representing safest neighborhoods in NYC
The safest neighborhoods in NYC also boast eye-gazing street art and many other cultural venues.

1 – Brooklyn has earned its place as one of the safest areas in NYC

If you seek a safe and walkable area with a pleasant community, Brooklyn is the right choice for you. Furthermore, this hood has unique stories to tell through multicultural corners, urban streets, and a wide array of galleries. Living in Brooklyn is like living in a city within NYC. It’s also worth mentioning that families love living there, which is why this hood is a popular moving destination for them. Schools are great, and the crime rate is extremely low. So don’t wait any longer and pick amongst top-tier movers Brooklyn residents highly recommend!

2- Queens is another hood where living is easy

As soon as you move to Queens, you will notice a welcoming, and laid-back community. This amazing neighborhood is a cultural melting pot where people from all over the world find their place. With so many wine and dine options, parks, and cultural areas, it’s hard not to enjoy everything Queens has to offer.

3 – Tribeca is another NYC place to be

Moving to Tribeca is another excellent choice when it comes to NYC neighborhoods. It’s one of the most desirable places for many newcomers, and for a good amount of reasons. First and foremost, the crime rate in Tribeca is one of the lowest in the city. The streets are well taken care of and quite walkable. Moreover, Tribeca is a cultural hub of NYC and home to the famous Tribeca Film Festival. If living there sounds like a good idea to you, take the time to see which Tribeca movers would have all your needs met.

4 -Chelsea is another safe cultural spot in NYC

Another place in NYC with so much to see and do is Chelsea. You’ll be glad to find out that Chelsea is the safest area in Manhattan and also affordable compared with the rest of the city.  Chelsea also has excellent connections to the city center and other important parts of NYC. Plus, living there means always being up to date with important events while also maintaining peace. Chelsea attracts numerous artists and is famous for galleries, museums, and peculiar street art. If this is what also interests you, then find reliable Chelsea movers and start preparing!

an elder couple walking in one of the safest neighborhoods in NYC
Seniors often relocate to the safest NYC neighborhoods with the lowest crime rate and affordable housing.

5 – Hell’s Kitchen developed into a prominent NYC hood

At first, it seems that Hell’s Kitchen is the place to avoid. However, it couldn’t be further from the truth! Living in Hell’s Kitchen is pure bliss, which can be confirmed by both younger and elderly residents. Many get surprised once they realize that seniors quite often choose to relocate to Hell’s Kitchen. In addition, living costs are much lower, as well as home prices. The majority of residents rent their homes.

6 – SoHo is densely urban and, at the same time, one of the safest places in NYC

The last (but not least) NYC safe neighborhood is SoHo – a vibrant and urban place where there’s always something happening. Young professionals and aspiring artists often move there to turn their ideas into reality. Besides, SoHo residents are some of the most joyful and welcoming people you’ll ever come across!

Let the professional movers relocate you to your chosen hood!

You have decided which neighborhood in NYC is the right for you. You must be feeling excited when thinking about all the good things you know about that area. However, don’t forget you still have to go through a moving process. The best way to do so is to hire professional movers in NYC who will help you start fresh and stress-free in a new home. When searching for ideal movers, focus on those that are well-versed in a wide variety of services. Also, don’t forget to check their licenses! It’s important that the company you would hire operates in legal frames. You will definitely want to avoid any suspicious scheme that has no other goal but to drain your budget.

two guys carrying boxes and talking about safest neighborhoods in NYC
Only qualified movers come into consideration.

Always remember that you are moving to one of the safest neighborhoods in NYC. Furthermore, remind yourself of all benefits that come with moving to that particular area, and you’ll immediately feel more motivated to continue your move. Moving isn’t the easiest task. Thus, it’s impossible to complete it overnight. However, it doesn’t have to be too exhausting. All you need is a reliable moving crew and mandatory self-care, so everything can run smoothly and easily! Also, try to remain patient in case of any moving delays, which are more common than not. By doing so, you’ll ensure the peaceful move you deserve!



We had our wonderful wonderful experience with these movers. Special thanks to our foreman, Josh, and everyone on the team who helped.

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