Survival tips for moving with a baby

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Moving with a newborn is not easy. However, professional movers NYC can tell you that thousands of parents do this regularly. Therefore, moving with a small baby shouldn’t be such a big deal for you either.  However, you should be ready for a bit more planning. In this case, a good organization is also critical. Babies have some special needs. So, when planning, you must take them into consideration. Also, your moving plan has to be concise, clear, and precise. Once you make it, stick to it firmly. Also, when planning, remember that the nursery will be the last room to pack. And the first room to install in your new home.

Is moving with a baby safe?

When it comes to the safety of your baby, you should first discuss it with the pediatrician. He will best assess your baby’s ability to handle the move. His recommendations will largely depend on the baby’s health and how old it is. Also, traveling with your baby long distance will be a lot more demanding than moving locally. In both cases, make sure to follow the pediatrician’s instructions and advice. That way, you will make the entire move less stressful.

Man moving with a baby in a car safety seat.
The carrycot seat is the best solution when using your own car for moving with a baby. 

Also, using the carrycot seat will increase the babies’ safety during the move. In it, the baby will be properly fastened. So, regardless of whether they are sleeping or awake, the baby will be well protected in case of sudden braking.

Long-distance moving can be very demanding for the little ones

Although they can be in good health, little ones are very dependent on their daily routine. Placed in the proper carrycot seat in your car, most of the time, they will sleep. However, you must find a proper stopping place every three to four hours. Namely, you will need to feed and change them regularly.

In case of long-distance moving, you should consult with long distance movers Manhattan. Both you and the little one will need some proper rest. And, you will also need a proper meal for yourself. Besides, an excellent overnight rest will help your body to regain the strength needed for the rest of the trip. And your movers, knowing the area well, will recommend you suitable and quiet places.

How to make your baby comfortable during the preparation period?

Well, before you start the move, you must complete all preparations. This usually means that your home will be noisy, with many people walking in and out. That is precisely what can frighten little ones easily. So, what should you do with them during the move preparation? Answering this question is not easy and depends on several factors.

Mother playing with the baby.
Babies can quickly become restless if they don’t feel the mother’s presence for a while. Keep that in mind when moving with a baby.

Namely, you may leave kids with grandparents. Or with some friends who are living nearby. In case you are too busy and can’t find time to breastfeed, a baby will be just fine taking a formula for some time. However, be ready so that the babies can quickly become restless without feeling the presence of the mother for a while. So, the best solution for both mother and child would be to stay together. If you don’t have a place to stay away from home, you can just stay together in the nursery room. 

Pack the baby’s non-essentials first

Usually, the nursery room is the last room to pack. And most of the parents will demand that it is packed on a moving day, just prior to departure. To make it possible,  you should pack all non-essentials first. Or, to be more precise, all things that you won’t need at the time being or immediately upon moving to a new home. Without extra blankets, toys, clothes, etc., the moving companies Manhattan will be able to pack and load the nursery room really fast.

Prepare the baby’s moving bag

When it comes to preparing the baby’s moving bag, consider packing the things in two bags. You can place the baby’s food and utensils in one of them. In the other bag, you can put textile items. That way, the food or water won’t accidentally spill on your baby’s clothes. If you are unsure what should go in which bag, here is a little guide to help you.

In the bag for food and utensils, you can pack:

  • formula
  • water and juice
  • feeding sets
  • several bottles and nipples
  • some bibs
  • bottlebrush for cleaning

In case you are combining bottle and breastfeeding, also pack the breast pump, milk storage bags, and nursing pads. In the second bag, you should pack the following:

  • clothes
  • diapers and cream
  • wipes
  • sock and booties
  • baby hats
  • few blankets
  • first aid kit
  • thermometer
  • baby’s favorite toy

Packing nursery room for moving with a baby

Packing the nursery room just before departure would be the best solution for a baby. If that is not possible, you should organize its packing a day before moving. However, in both cases, you would move and pack carpets, clothes, linens, pillows, etc. So, the Manhattan residential movers will only have to disassemble, pack, and load the furniture. 

Baby on a fur rug.
When your baby starts to crawl, make sure that there are no dangerous items around.

Once you reach your new home, the movers should unpack and reassemble the nursery room first. The sooner your baby is surrounded by familiar items, the faster it will recover from the move. Even in the case when you are moving locally, you should give priority to the baby’s needs. Namely, the distance is not causing the baby to become restless due to the move. It is a change of the known surroundings. And for that reason, it is so important to restore the nursery as soon as possible.

Settling down after moving with a baby

After moving with the baby and preparing the nursery room, let the baby rest for several days. Use that time to check your new home. Check all places which can be possibly dangerous to the baby once it starts to crawl or walks around the house. Also, remove all materials or small items which can be dangerous for the child. When you notice the child is again calm and satisfied, you can get it out for short walks. That way, the kid will also adjust to his new surroundings.



We had our wonderful wonderful experience with these movers. Special thanks to our foreman, Josh, and everyone on the team who helped.

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