Should you move your art gallery to Bushwick?

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 As an NYC artist, you might be wondering about moving your art gallery somewhere new. Finding a new place to relocate to can be very stressful. But with movers NYC your art will be in safe hands on moving day! You might feel overwhelmed with all the different options and neighborhoods in New York, tho. But don’t worry! With some research, you might realize Bushwick is the place for you. There are many reasons to consider moving to Bushwick. It’s one of the best neighborhoods in Brooklyn! Many young professionals are moving to Bushwick because of the countless opportunities found here. Bushwick offers a unique creative atmosphere and much more as an artist’s paradise. Keep reading for the top 10 reasons you should move your art gallery to Bushwick!

Why Should You Move Your Art Gallery to Bushwick? 

New York is a vibrant city that offers many opportunities for artists. From the incredible music and architecture to inspire you to countless art galleries, studios, and exhibitions. So which neighborhood should you move your art gallery too? Our money’s on Bushwick, NYC’s artist haven. Here are five reasons why New York City’s Bushwick neighborhood is a paradise for all types of artists.  

Two people in a gallery showing why you should move your art gallery to Bushwick
Move your art gallery to Bushwick for a fresh new experience!

Bushwick Is Still Up and Coming  

A great thing about this neighborhood is that it’s up and coming. Many places in NYC are expensive and polished, but Bushwick retains a certain “unfiltered” charm. It’s a breath of fresh air for many artists looking for inspiration and better prices. Moore and more creators are moving to Bushwick. This also means galleries and artsy loft houses are popping up all over the neighborhood. You will definitely have lots to explore!  

Artists Find Community Here – You Become a Part of It If You Move Your Art Gallery to Bushwick

One of the best things about moving your art gallery to Bushwick is the community. You will find many artists alike that can become your new safe space to create and dream together. If you’re an artist in search of collaboration or inspiration, Bushwick offers a space to revel in the creativity of others while you create your own artistic projects. Once movers Bushwick have moved you to your new home, you can start getting to know your new artist community asap! 

A painting of a tree on a building
Don’t waste time; express your street art as well!

You Can Explore the Colorful Streets  

Bushwick’s colorful streets and historic apartment buildings will also amaze you. Is there a better way to be inspired than just strolling around your neighborhood? You can explore, admire the street art, talk to locals and have a beer or cocktail. Even though Bushwick stays loyal to grunge, its lesser-traveled back alleys and side streets are like paintings themselves. Moreover, murals and graffiti are encouraged! If you’re itching to do some painting yourself, feel free to! Buildings, commuter railways, and tin barriers are your new canvas. 

…Or Numerous Art Galleries 

Next up on our list of reasons why you should consider Bushwick is the number of art galleries and studios. There are hundreds of studios and over 50 gallery spaces that attract all sorts of artists and creatives. More and more people have been moving to Bushwick for its booming art scene alone. So, you definitely won’t regret moving your gallery there! 

Relax in Nature 

Amazing parks are also something you can expect in Bushwick. Besides the biggest park, Maria Hernandez Park, there are many others worth checking out. You can take walks or try some group recreational activities to clear your mind after a long day. Or simply find your new favorite bench to sit on and think about your art.  

Two women sitting and eating
Once you move your art gallery to Bushwick, find the nearest local food and try it out!

Try New and Amazing Food 

Food options are endless in Bushwick. That’s another excellent reason to move your art gallery to Bushwick. You can find amazing, delicious food and get the biggest bang for your buck too! In the last three years, many restaurants, bars, and food trucks have popped up in Bushwick. So, if you’re looking for an upscale place to inspire you or late-night bites after a long day, then Bushwick might just be the new place for you! And when local movers Brooklyn move into your new gallery, make sure you try all the fantastic food trucks parked there during the day. 

Good Schools 

If you’re planning a move with your family, Bushwick has it covered there too. There are 33 primary and secondary schools in the Bushwick neighborhood, over a dozen of which are public schools. You will easily find great schools for your kids.

Transportation Is Easy 

If you’re moving to Bushwick from somewhere other than New York, it’s a great place to start! While living there, you can explore the neighboring areas with the L Train. It’s perfect if you want to launch yourself into New York City and find your perfect place to create art. And if you’re moving with kids, commuting as a family will be easy too, which is a plus. 

Hire professional movers to move your art gallery to Bushwick 

Art is very fragile and valuable, so having an expert team on your side to help you move can save you a lot of trouble. They know exactly how to pack and transport art so that it arrives in peak condition at your doorstep. Unless you’re absolutely sure of your art-moving skills, consider hiring movers Brooklyn for easy and stress-free relocation.

So, Should You Move Your Art Gallery to Bushwick? 

As you can see, Bushwick has a lot to offer to artists. From affordable food to painted streets and countless galleries and events, everyone can find something that suits them here. This colorful Brooklyn neighborhood is a great choice if you’re looking for a new, vibrant place to inspire you. Moreover, you can find a new supportive community here. Artists and creatives gather and share their art or even paint the streets together! If that sounds like something you would like, you can start packing your art gallery.  



We had our wonderful wonderful experience with these movers. Special thanks to our foreman, Josh, and everyone on the team who helped.

Eliza G. / 2021-08-14

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