Restaurants in Queens you should check out

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With a population of 8.5 million, New York has a lot of food. Fortunately, Manhattan alone has more than 24,000 restaurants, with a significant proportion of them. But the other districts come out of Manhattan and are full of great restaurants. And some restaurants they are. You can find a variety of food for everyone’s taste. In this article movers NYC offers a list of restaurants in Queens you should check out.

Restaurants in Queens you should check out

Here local movers Queens NY are going to provide you with a list of restaurants in Queens you should check out:

  • The Bonnie, Astoria
  • Tamashii Blue, Long Island City
  • Tortilleria & Taqueria Nixtamal, Corona
  • Wells Steakhouse, Long Island City
  • Cemitas El Tigre, Sunnyside
  • Eddie’s Sweet Shop, Forest Hills
  • Cannelle Patisserie, Jackson Heights
  • The Green Street LIC, Long Island City
  • Queens Comfort, Astoria

 The Bonnie, Astoria

Like many of New York’s trendy favorite bars, Bonnie has regained the rustic and industrial look you’ve been waiting for. Bare brick walls, hanging vegetation, shared picnic tables, and red leather bar stools serve a young, usually bearded, tatted-up crowd. So, the premium pub menu leans towards crispy fish tacos, beer-rich pickles, and the Bonnie burgers. Of course, this is a hip bar, so you’ll have to enjoy a house cocktail (or two). People are particularly partial to the Jailer’s Daughter – vodka, Darjeeling tea, Granny Smith apple, vermouth, Cocchi Rosa, caraway, honey, and lemon.

a cook preparing food
You can enjoy a variety of food in Queens restaurants

Tamashii Blue, Long Island City – restaurants in Queens you should check out

Since the introduction of David Chiang’s Momofuku Noodle Bar in East Village in 2004, New Yorkers have fallen in love with ramen. However, you can also see innovative versions of the Japanese dish outside Manhattan. The recently opened Tamashii Blue is a prime example of why you have to head to the suburbs. As the first Japanese restaurant in Astoria (around 2005), the Tamashii quickly succeeded and expanded to LIC with more than 12 ramen dishes and a variety of sake. If you don’t like spices, try ground pork, bean sprouts, scallion, onion, broccoli, bok choy, egg, menma (bamboo), and mineral salt.

Tortilleria & Taqueria Nixtamal, Corona

Please choose a cuisine. Any cuisine. So, with the help of Yelp, you’ll find several restaurants serving your favorite international cuisine. When it comes to the real thing, don’t hold your breath. With Tortilleria & Taqueria Nixtamal, Fernando Ruiz wanted to change this concept head-on. Originally from Veracruz, he started with his homemade corn tortillas and set out to bring authentic Mexican food to New York. He succeeded because the sweet salmon citrus ceviche, al pastor tacos, only served with cilantro, onions, and pineapple, and the mole poblano plates regularly invite people to Corona.

Wells Steakhouse, Long Island City

If you’re looking for something a little more sophisticated, check out this LIC restaurant. Grilled artichoke skewers, French onion soup with Gruyere cheese, and Wagyu flank steak are courtesy of Québécois chef Hugue Dufour. Seen from the outside, the room is inconspicuous. At first glance, you can see the brick façade. This is because M. Wells is settled in the former auto-body shop. And is now skillfully refurbished with painted red brick walls, wallpaper ceilings, an open kitchen, and a backlit bar. Come to gourmet food and stay for the atmosphere (… and of course for gourmet food). If you are new in town and not sure if this is the place for you, ask your residential movers NYC, and they can give you their recommendation.

two women eating at a restaurant
There are many different restaurants in Queens you should check out

Eddie’s Sweet Shop, Forest Hills

With a Coca-Cola brand marquee and a glowing red neon soda sign above the door, Eddie’s gives a nostalgic glimpse into Queens’ past. Inside, dark wood elements give way to a marble counter with bar stools (imagine a candy store where Charlie Bucket won a golden ticket). There, a huge sundae of ice cream is served in a metal footed dish. Furthermore, the Metropolitan Ave parlor has kept happy generations of customers with its glass cases of homemade ice cream, malt, custard, and candies, and continues to be popular, so they are here to stay.

 The Green Street LIC, Long Island City

When it comes to niche restaurants, Green Street LIC is very unique. This place boasts an organic, Paleo-friendly, Korean barbecue area. What does this mean for non-Paleo restaurants? Well, it’s just that everything you eat is just a bit more health-conscious. Regular wheat flour is replaced with almond flour, soy sauce is replaced with gluten-free Tamari soy sauce, and white sugar is replaced with coconut sugar. Choose from regular dishes (vegan, vegetarian, omnivorous) or a table grill set that offers options such as bulgogi, pork belly, chicken thighs, organic vegetables, and spicy seafood stews (also options for vegetarians). The picnic table has a grill so you can cook everything to your liking.

a photo of a restaurant
If you are too tired to cook go to a restaurant with your family

Restaurants in Queens you should check out – Queens Comfort, Astoria

Funky comfort food is the name of a game that is often played in this super-fashionable restaurant (check the GIF section of their website to prove it’s fashionable). Cap’n Crunch coated chicken fingers (including red chili bacon caramel sauce), PB & J burger and Bechamel, Fontina and cheddar mac’n cheese-covered determine the menu, and communal table, uneven dishes, fairy lights complete the atmosphere. For reference, if you want to stop by on the weekends, be prepared to wait in line with others who are checking out the hype. Your Astoria NY movers are certainly familiar with this place, so feel free to ask them about it while they are moving you.

Restaurants in Queens you should check out

Your Chelsea movers are not only able to help you with your move. They can tell you all about the place you are moving to. They can recommend places, such as restaurants in Queens you should check out once you move. Be sure to visit some places from this list. So, we hope you will like them.




We had our wonderful wonderful experience with these movers. Special thanks to our foreman, Josh, and everyone on the team who helped.

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