Popular NYC neighborhoods among young professionals

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If you are fresh out of college and are looking for the most popular NYC neighborhoods among young professionals then this article is just the thing you need. Today, you will find out what are the best neighborhoods to move to, as well as what to expect from them. We will include all those places that are not only popular but pretty suitable for young people. With nice communities and interesting things to see, you can easily find your perfect candidate. Furthermore, Clean Cut Moving NYC will help you out with your move. That way you will have fewer things to worry about. Here is our list.

One of the best NYC neighborhoods among young professionals is Upper East Side

This is one of those places where you can get a lot of things done. Here you will have some good job opportunities that not many can take. That is why many young professionals tend to come here. With over 200,000 people living here, it is easy to notice that it is becoming an increasingly popular place to move to. But job opportunities are not everything that is attracting young people. In fact, Upper East Side can be a perfect place to work from home, as you will get to perfectly balance your habits. Freelancers tend to spend a lot of time indoors, and it is very good to have cool things to check out when you have free time.

Three people working at their laptops.
To choose properly between popular NYC neighborhoods among young professionals you need to gather information on them first.

One of the most popular locations is, of course, Central Park. Living in Upper East Side will make you very close to it and it can soon become one of your favorite locations. Knowing that it is one of the most elegant neighborhoods as well, expect to see a lot of other young people there as well. And if you consider relocating here, make sure to call movers Upper East Side offers to help you out. With them, you can organize your move with ease. 

Moving to Astoria is a good choice as well

If you are looking to move to the western side of New York City, then Astoria is just the place for you. This neighborhood boasts good education, parks, restaurants, and other places where you can further improve your skills and career. It is also a good idea to pay attention to the things that make neighborhoods prosper. In recent years, Astoria became even more popular among young people, mainly because of its attractions and yes, good restaurants. The Greek Restaurant is probably the most popular one in the area, and there you can try all the delicious meals from this cuisine.

Indeed this is one of those places that can offer you a lot of things. So make sure to put it on your checklist when you are moving with the help of Astoria NY moversMoving here can be a great decision if you already have a small business. No matter if you are into tech or retail, Astoria will quickly help you find your audience. Focus on finding a good place for your office and start advertising your services or products on time.

You can always consider moving to Bushwick

Did you know that this is a very nice and working-class-oriented neighborhood in Brooklyn? Here you will notice that there are a lot of young professionals renting their homes because they are very affordable. And you won’t have to worry about public transportation. Since it is good and well developed, you will have more than enough time to reach whatever place you are going to. This can mean a lot when you are traveling for work. Also, the roads and traffic are good so you will avoid any potential traffic jams. This is also a good thing when you are moving in with the help of movers Bushwick offers. It means that you will settle in faster and finish your move sooner.

A street market in NYC.
Some of these places have street markets that both locals and tourists love!

On the other hand, if you spend a lot of time at home, Bushwick will be a real treat once you manage to go out. Famous for Ridgewood Reservoir and many parks, it will serve you well when you decide to take a walk and spend time doing outdoor activities. It is good to mention that this neighborhood is often a host of huge concerts and events, and you will surely love them.

NoHo is one of the popular NYC neighborhoods among young professionals too

Living and working in NoHo can really be an experience of a lifetime. This is one of the most dynamic neighborhoods in NYC and no wonder it is so popular among all ages. And even though you will come across museums and restaurants, there is something that is making them special for a certain group of people. NoHo is home to many luxurious boutiques, but those owned by local fashionistas as well. If you belong to this category as well, NoHo will be perfect for you. You can find a job at The Frankie Shop or Kith, as they are among the most popular stores.

Considering that NoHo is very supportive of young artists, you will get a chance to find some good partners as well. And when there is support from bigger companies at the start, NoHo will immediately skyrocket your career. Thanks to NoHo movers, your relocation will be fast and you can start making plans as soon as you arrive.

There is also Williamsburg

In case your profession is related to music, Williamsburg will be a perfect match. Home to the Music Hall of Williamsburg, this neighborhood offers at least one performance daily. But apart from having fun and enjoying live music, the place could be a great job opportunity. Once again, they are always looking for young people, especially straight from college, and your application will be under review soon. You can work at the administration, be in charge of their social media, or do any job that suits you. Try to let them know about your plans earlier, as this establishment is pretty high-ranked and gets a lot of applications on a daily basis.

Three people crossing the street.
Living in popular NYC neighborhoods among young professionals means more people and more interesting things to see and do.

And if that doesn’t;t suit you, Williamsburg still remains a suitable spot. It is full of restaurants with a long history, as well as antique shops. Movers Williamsburg Brooklyn has can help you get there on time, and explore the place even more. Soon you will realize that the entire area is very diverse, and you will get a chance to make some amazing new friendships. Expect to see people from all over the USA and other world countries too. 

Let’s not forget about Greenwich Village

This wonderful neighborhood is another one that could be suitable for young people. Greenwich Village is one of those places that is really expensive and elegant and you can have a pretty exciting lifestyle there. As long as this place can remember, people were enjoying its restaurants and lovely community, and it will surely suit you as well. Greenwich Village movers will even help you set up your furniture and unpack easier. Again, this will leave plenty of time for you to go out and check out the most notable locations.

A couple of years ago, Greenwich Village started welcoming more young people mainly because of social media. Luxurious restaurants and boutiques are attracting bloggers and you will get to see them pretty often. Don’t be surprised if you come across a certain celebrity while taking a walk or doing other daily tasks. Greenwich Village is home to a couple of them including Leonardo DiCaprio and Julia Roberts.

Food and drinks at the table.
Once you settle in, feel free to find interesting locations that will be suitable for your lifestyle!

You can also consider moving to Chelsea, Manhattan

This one is one of the most popular NYC neighborhoods among young professionals, but it is rather subtle. Unlike other dynamic neighborhoods, Chelsea will have everything you need including much calmer streets and less crowded places. The majority of people who live there are working from home or commuting to other parts of NYC and you can follow their example as well. In Chelsea, there are a couple of street markets that can be your source of fresh goods, including bakeries and cake shops. Of course, there will be plenty of restaurants to visit as well, especially from foreign cuisines. 

Before Chelsea movers get you there, you should probably check the real estate market. A lot of young professionals will rent a place in this neighborhood but there are those who will purchase it after all. If your career is going down a good road, maybe you should consider doing that too. Living costs in Chelsea currently rate 201.9/100 which is way above the average. However, compared to other neighborhoods housing costs are pretty acceptable. If you leave yourself enough time to explore the market, you may get a chance for a perfect deal.

A woman sitting next to the window after moving to one of the popular NYC neighborhoods among young professionals.
If you plan on buying a property in one of the popular NYC neighborhoods among young professionals, make sure you start looking on time.

Other things to know about popular NYC neighborhoods among young professionals

As you can see, the category is pretty easy to set. All you need to look for are things you like and that will go hand-in-hand with your lifestyle. Young professionals are usually looking for urban spots, more people, and of course, accessible attractions. Keep in mind that even though NYC neighborhoods are an excellent choice, you still need to be careful when choosing the perfect one. If you never had a chance to visit them before it will be good to organize a trip before making a final decision.

If you have enough time, you should organize a short trip and possibly stay a couple of days. This will give you a perfect chance to explore the area and see all of its traits and flaws. Apart from exploring it during the day, you should do the same during the night. A lot of buildings in NYC have bars and clubs that are located on the rooftops and begin working late at night. If you work during the day and love going to be early this could be an issue for you. The same thing can happen if this is exactly what you are looking for and the place is more subtle than you need. Once you manage to do the proper research, you will know that the decision you made is as accurate as possible.

Take your time choosing the place to settle

Of course, these things take time to settle, and you should have plenty of it as well. Even if you have to move on short notice, there are some useful tips that will help you do it on time. If you have friends or cousins living in NYC, they can help you get to know the area or even arrive that much earlier than you originally planned. Soon you will start living like a real New Yorker and you will master your organizational and time skills. The adjusting process will last some time but it is completely normal and you should embrace it as soon as possible.

Two people working from home.
Those who know someone who already lives in NYC should turn to them for advice.

This is our list of the most popular NYC neighborhoods among young professionals you can move to this year. We hope that we provided you with all the necessary information you will need for your move. And once you decide to move, you can call movers Manhattan offers to help you out. With their help, you will be able to move with relevant ease. While your budget is protected and your inventory is on the way, there will be much more space to organize other post-moving activities. Make sure to inform your employer about your relocation as you may need a couple o days of or a different contract.



We had our wonderful wonderful experience with these movers. Special thanks to our foreman, Josh, and everyone on the team who helped.

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