A Complete Guide for Moving from Manhattan to Brooklyn

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Before you even think about moving from Manhattan to Brooklyn, you must educate yourself on how to do it. Relocating to New York isn’t as easy as it might seem at first glance. It is a fact that even experienced New Yorkers get disoriented when it comes to looking for a property to buy or rent. Another problem people moving to, from, and around New York encounter is the affordability and desirability of different NYC boroughs. Therefore, make sure to begin learning. No matter whether you have experience or not, you will require some guidance once you decide to move to Brooklyn. But there’s no need to worry. You’ll become an expert soon with the help of this comprehensive guide for moving from Manhattan to Brooklyn. Clean Cut Moving is there to assist you in making your dream come true.

Steps to take when moving from Manhattan to Brooklyn

Are you considering relocating to Brooklyn? Moving is generally not easy. It requires lots of preparation, dedication, and sacrifice. Before everything, you need to have a plan. Here’s what you must do when moving from Manhattan to Brooklyn:

  1. Explore the advantages and disadvantages of both locations
  2. Pick a good neighborhood
  3. Think about the cost of living in Brooklyn
  4. Compare the lifestyle
  5. Consider safety
  6. Make a list of tasks you need to complete before moving
  7. Make sure to ask for assistance when moving to Brooklyn from Manhattan

1. Explore the advantages and disadvantages of both locations

Both Brooklyn and Manhattan are unique places that offer a variety of opportunities. Manhattan is the borough of New York City with the highest density of people. In case you are not a fan of crowds, rest assured that moving to Brooklyn might be a wise idea. Manhattan is a well-known landmark in the country for its skyscrapers. It is a significant center for business and finance and a great area to pursue your goals. On the other hand, Brooklyn is one of the nicest areas to live in New York. It is a special area full of delicious food, live music, and street art. Moreover, Brooklyn has streets lined with brownstones and a buzzing vitality all around it. It is not as crowded and busy as Manhattan, which makes it an ideal place to relocate for work.

a man thinking about moving from Manhattan to Brooklyn
Thinking about the advantages and disadvantages of both places is essential when moving from Manhattan to Brooklyn.

Moving from Manhattan to Brooklyn is easier with top-notch movers

One of the advantages of moving from Manhattan to Brooklyn is the fact that you can find good-quality movers Manhattan. With them, any relocation might seem a breeze. Apart from being affordable and experienced, these movers also provide reliability and efficiency. Leaving Manhattan for Brooklyn is not always easy and straightforward. Sometimes it is not possible to handle a DIY move. Therefore, the choice of movers plays a very important role. Although one might think that moving locally is much easier than long-distance relocations, many things might go wrong. Therefore, make sure to explore the choice of moving companies in both Manhattan and Brooklyn.

2. Pick a good neighborhood in Brooklyn

A neighborhood should be carefully considered when moving from Manhattan to Brooklyn. Based on what your needs are, you might opt for different types of neighborhoods.

Price plays an important role when choosing a neighborhood

Choosing an expensive area might not be a good idea since it will cost a fortune when it comes to transportation expenditures to travel to a job-rich place. In most cases, it may not be worth it. Therefore, make sure to select an area that you believe is within your pricing range. For instance, Park Slope might offer you both the entertainment you need and a certain level of affordability. Hiring Park Slope movers will assist in relocating to the neighborhood you have chosen as the perfect one.

Tranquility is the key when moving from Manhattan to Brooklyn

If you are looking for tranquility in one of Brooklyn’s nicest neighborhoods, Cobble Hill might be a good choice. Namely, you will have easy access to all important stores and restaurants. Moreover, you will be protected from the noise and bustle of Downtown Brooklyn. Once you have hired excellent residential movers, you will have absolutely no issues moving from Manhattan to Brooklyn.

a woman relaxing in a park in Brooklyn after moving from Manhattan to Brooklyn
If you are looking for peace and quiet in Brooklyn, make sure to check Cobble Hill.

Having fun in Brooklyn is a must

If you are interested in fun and entertainment, Dumbo is the right choice for you. Namely, it is a vibrant neighborhood that is home to some of Brooklyn’s most popular attractions. It is full of top-notch restaurants, apartments, and art galleries. The most popular location is a part of Washington Street, where you can get a big, up-close view of the Brooklyn Bridge. Moreover, this area offers many stylish bars and nightclubs. In case you are looking for fun and amusement, you will enjoy your life in Dumbo.

3. Think about the cost of living in Brooklyn

Investigating the cost of living in Brooklyn in advance is crucial before actually moving there. Brooklyn has a cost of living of $4,215, which looks moderate given the national average monthly wage of $3,966. Despite the fact that this young neighborhood has fast gained popularity as a tourist attraction in New York City, Brooklyn might have one disadvantage: housing costs. Namely, a one-bedroom apartment costs roughly $2,600 per month. When it comes to the difference between these two places, it is slight. There isn’t much of a difference between the two boroughs. Some people who relocated to Brooklyn from Manhattan stated that they used to spend less money than they did previously. Considering the fact that there are many things to do in Manhattan and spend money on, Brooklyn might be a more affordable option.

Consider the job market when moving from Manhattan to Brooklyn

When it comes to jobs, due to its population, the competition is fierce, too. The good thing is that the average beginning pay in Brooklyn is much more than the national average. The monthly income in Brooklyn is around $4,833. However, make sure to consider the fact that since the cost of living is high, this might not be sufficient for you. When compared to the average income in Manhattan, which is $3,893, living in Brooklyn might be preferable. Therefore, make sure to investigate all the options before you actually start moving from Manhattan to Brooklyn and hire good-quality local movers Brooklyn.

a man looking for a job once he has finished moving from Manhattan to Brooklyn
When considering the cost of living in Brooklyn, one of the factors you should think about is the job market.

4. Compare the lifestyle in both Manhattan and Brooklyn

If you’re thinking about moving to New York, you’re probably trying to decide which borough you’ll call home. If you’ve never lived in New York City before, this can be a daunting decision. Brooklyn and Manhattan are the two most obvious options. When you think about the traditional New York lifestyle, make sure to explore both lifestyles very well before making the final decision. The pricing difference between Brooklyn and Manhattan is significantly lower these days. In fact, the average rent in several Brooklyn communities is more than in Manhattan. The reality is that picking which borough to live in is a highly personal decision. Since the prices are relatively the same, make sure to consider the lifestyle of both boroughs. Once you have done that, you will be able to have a clearer picture and hire good local movers in Manhattan.

Brooklyn is famous for its mixture of both urban and calm vibes

Brooklyn is a wonderful borough in New York. Over 2,590,000 people are calling this place home. It is a part of King’s county and is considered one of the most desirable places to move to. Here you will get that dense urban feel of life, and most of the people living here are renting their places. You will have a nice social life here because there are many good bars, coffee shops, parks, and other places where you can enjoy some quality time. It is one of the biggest reasons why people choose to move here. If you are interested in starting a family there, make sure to hire Brooklyn Heights movers to help you start your new family life.

Life in Manhattan can be good – but still, there are reasons to move

This is a place with over 1,600,000 residents. As a part of New York County, it is one of the best places to move to. If you love living in a dense urban place, then this is the right place for you. But you need to know that most people here rent their homes. That means it can be expensive to buy your new home here. As for social life, you will be able to meet someone new for sure, because there are a lot of nice bars, restaurants, clubs, etc. And one good thing about it is that many young professionals choose to move here. Another disadvantage is the fact that this area is very busy and crowded. You might be late for work, and you might hate having to rush everywhere and still being late.

a crowded street in Manhattan
One of the advantages of moving from Manhattan to Brooklyn is the fact that you will leave a very crowded, densely populated place.

5. Consider safety as one of the key factors

Over the last two decades, the incidence of violent crimes in New York City has steadily decreased. When it comes to Brooklyn, Borough Park, Bay Ridge, and Bath Beach are quite safe. The crime indices in Manhattan and Brooklyn are 30 and 32, respectively. Brooklyn has a higher crime rate than Manhattan, but it is partially due to its larger population. For instance, Brooklyn experienced 14,385 violent crimes, while Manhattan experienced 7,922. If you are wondering what neighborhood is the safest, you might think about hiring Borough Park movers, Overall, depending on how you look at it, the boroughs are equally safe or unsafe. It is generally considered that New York City is one of, if not the, safest large cities in the world.

6. Make a list of moving tasks you need to complete

There are many things that you need to do before you head out to Brooklyn, but the very first thing is to make a to-do list. It is a list where you will put down all the tasks you need to complete if you wish to have an easy relocation. It is a good way to keep everything on track when relocating. Also, it will help you avoid any kind of moving mistakes that can cost you a lot. Not to mention delay your relocation. Here are some tasks you should write down:

  • It is important to begin preparing for the move on time. That is why you should spend at least two or three months causally taking these steps. Your first task is to find a good moving company for your move. If you are not sure about your moving skills, then it is always a good idea to call good moving companies in Manhattan for your move.
  • Your next step is to see what you can do with all the items you have in your home. Making an inventory list will make this process easier.
  • After that, you should begin searching for packing supplies for your move.
  • One of the last tasks includes packing your home for relocation. Hiring excellent packing services will certainly alleviate the whole process of moving from Manhattan to Brooklyn.
a man writing a list of tasks when moving from Manhattan to Brooklyn
Make sure to write down a list of things to do before moving from Manhattan to Brooklyn

These are just the basic tasks you need to complete before the moving day arrives. Following them will ensure that you have an organized and safe relocation. That can bring you the peace of mind you will need when moving.

7. Ask for assistance when moving to Brooklyn from Manhattan alone

In case you are performing a DIY relocation, you may ask friends or family members to help you with your moving activities. Invite friends over to help you pack and carry the boxes. If one of them has a car or a truck, they can transport your stuff over to your new Brooklyn abode. Once you settle in, organize a housewarming party and invite your friends over.

Hire reliable movers

Moving is an extremely stressful activity, even if you are moving just a few blocks away. Moreover, if you are moving on your own, the stress and worry tend to pile up. That is why hiring one of the best movers Brooklyn has is the perfect solution to all your moving-related issues. Professional movers deal with relocations on a daily basis and are well acquainted with all moving situations, and are able to predict any potential obstacles and resolve them in advance. Also, they offer a variety of services, such as packing, commercial moving, and storage.

movers carrying windows
Hiring good-quality movers is one of the first steps when moving from Manhattan to Brooklyn.

Final thoughts

As you can see, moving from Manhattan to Brooklyn doesn’t have to be a bad idea. You will have a lot of opportunities as well as other things to do. We are certain that this article provided you with all the necessary guidelines to make your move simple. After reading this complete blog,  you can find out everything you need about the move. Every move is different, and Clean Cut Moving knows how to handle each one. What is important is to compare the two locations and pick the better one. Next, all you will need to do is contact them, and one of their relocation consultants will assist you in determining the best option for your move and their movers.



We had our wonderful wonderful experience with these movers. Special thanks to our foreman, Josh, and everyone on the team who helped.

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