Moving from Chelsea to Soho with kids 101

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Raising kids in Big Apple can be phenomenal. One of the most amazing cities in the world offers a lot to families. However, some boroughs and neighborhoods are more suitable for families than others. For that reason, many parents will consider moving to parts of the city more suitable for their family lifestyle. If moving from Chelsea to Soho with kids is your next step, just stay with us. Although Chelsea and Soho are just 2 miles away, you will need to get through the moving process. Since you have children, that will include a lot of planning and preparations. To help you, our Chelsea movers will remind you of ways to prepare for this project. With our help, your kids will enjoy the move to your new Soho home. Let’s see why you should do this and what steps you should take!

There are many benefits of moving from Chelsea to Soho with kids

For many years Chelsea is well-known as a neighborhood that attracts many artists from all across the globe. With over 300 art galleries here in Chelsea it is not surprising this place is called a haven for artists. This neighborhood also has many shops, restaurants, parks, and plenty of things to see and do. But if you are looking for a more family-friendly neighborhood because your kind getting older, maybe you will consider Soho. One of the main benefits of moving to Soho with children is lower crime rates in this neighborhood. For parents, this is one of the most crucial things. Low crime rates include everything: from violent crimes to petty crimes, your children will be safer once you hire local movers Brooklyn and move to Soho. But that is not the end of the story, Soho has a lot more to offer.

Teacher and kids in class
Expect to find excellent schools after moving from Chelsea to Soho with kids.

Although Chelsea has many private, public, and parochial schools, Soho has a solid educational system too. So, take some time, and before you contact our movers and packers NYC, research schools suitable for your kids. Contact schools in Soho to check out which of them will be at your disposal. In case your children are old enough, talk with them and find out which Soho school they like the best. Besides solid educational institutions, low crime rates, your kids will be perfectly connected with the rest of the city when they live in Soho. That will mean a lot once they grow up enough to start working.

Tell your kids you need to move to another home

Although you will not have to move across the city or the country, leaving a cozy Chelsea home is not that insignificant for your children. Most kids adore their rooms, even if they share them with siblings. And when they find out they will need to leave the comfort zone of their rooms, they could become sad and frightened. Despite this, you should take the advice from our residential movers NYC and tell your kids that you are moving from Chelsea to Soho and do it as soon as possible. Do not try to hide any information about the move from your kids, you risk losing their trust.

Mother thinking about moving from Chelsea to Soho while showing your kid a photo on the laptop.
Share information with your kids.

Depending on their age, explain to your kids what you will need to do in the next period. Also, if you have found a new home, show your kids photos of their future home and make them feel excited about an adventure that is called moving. Take your kids with you and go visit your new Sono home if possible. The good thing is they will still stay close to their friends after moving to Soho. They could keep seeing their little friends at birthday parties or weekends.

Encourage your kids to ask you anything they want to know about the move. If you think you don’t have enough time, enlist Soho movers. This will leave you enough time to help your kids get through the relocation. Regardless of the costs, you will need to pay for moving services, moving from Chelsea to Soho with kids will be way smoother when having professional moving assistance. No matter how old they are, give your best to help them deal with their emotions about the move. This is especially important if your kids moving for the first time.

Prepare for moving from Chelsea to Soho with your children

If your kids are too young to understand the reasons for the move, just be there to make sure you are not interrupting their routine. You should know they can feel your anxiety, concerns so make sure to stay positive. If you need help, invite your family or friends to help while you are planning your move. While your kids are in safe hands, you will need to appoint your movers, prepare your new New York home for moving in, etc. Also, you should plan out all details related to a moving day when moving from Chelsea to Soho with kids. Before the moving day come, make sure to sort your belongings and determine what items you want to move. Also, make sure to clean your old but also your new home. Include your kids and help them pack their toys, clothes, and items from their room.

Happy family at the new house
Plan out the big day in advance and get through it without stress.

Make and inventory list and simplify your upcoming move

Your inventory list should contain the possession that you will need to transport to your new home. Although your new home is probably just a few minutes away from the current one, you don’t want to forget important things to pack. Also, when moving from Chelsea to Soho with kids you should not forget to prepare an essential bag. This bag should contain all things you will need for your kids before you unpack most of the moving boxes. We hope this article helped you prepare for the move to your new Soho home with your children.




We had our wonderful wonderful experience with these movers. Special thanks to our foreman, Josh, and everyone on the team who helped.

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