Moving from Astoria to Chelsea with family- ultimate guide

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In case you have decided to relocate to Chelsea with your family, you should know that you have made a good decision. Chelsea has evolved over the years, and it has become one of the most desirable neighborhoods in NYC. We are going to help you get a clearer picture of what is waiting for you. Moving from Astoria to Chelsea with family is certainly exciting because new adventures are waiting for you. So, take some time to prepare yourself and you will feel at home from day one.

The educational environment in Chelsea is great

One of the things you will have nothing to worry about is your children’s education. Chelsea is a neighborhood that can boast some of the best private, public, and parochial schools. Feel free to do research on your own before you move here. Check out which schools will be at your disposal and think about which of them will be the best for your children.

Children in school
Do not worry about your children’s education after moving from Astoria to Chelsea with family – there are great schools in Chelsea

Of course, if your children are old enough, make sure you ask them which of the schools they like best. After all, they will be the ones to spend quite a lot of time there. Once you make a choice, start packing your bags. Clean Cut Moving NYC is going to be there to give you a helping hand and your relocation is going to run smoothly.

You are going to find a perfect home for your family

Another good thing about Chelsea is that you will get to find the kind of home you are looking for. Either if you want a luxury home or a relatively affordable one, you can be sure that you are going to find it. If you have the time, check what is at your disposal and go there to see it for yourself. It is certainly a different impression when you see something in photos and in person. On the other hand, if it happens that you do not have enough time for this part, you can always hire a realtor. Let them know what kind of home you are looking for, and they will find it in no time. Remember to complete moving tasks in the meantime as well. Should you need any kind of help, let the most reliable movers Manhattan, NY offers be by your side.

Spend your free time in a wide variety of ways

As we have already stated, Chelsea is one of the most high-end neighborhoods in NYC. The residents of Chelsea can all themselves privileged because they are surrounded by some of the most well-known restaurants, shops, bars, galleries, etc. In case you like to explore a new environment, you will be quite busy.

Family in a park
Spending time outdoors with your family is going to be great because there are several parks you should visit

If your family likes to spend time outdoors, several parks will be in your vicinity. In addition to this, the art scene in Chelsea is thriving, which means that all of your family members will get to learn many new things and enjoy the beauty of the artwork. So, wait no longer- start making a list of things to do and see and let Chelsea movers take care of your relocation.

After moving from Astoria to Chelsea with family, take some time to walk around

One of the most enchanting things about Chelsea is its architecture. It is quite traditional, and the buildings are well-preserved. This means that, while walking down a street that is lined with trees, you will also have a chance to enjoy looking at brownstones. It can be quite breathtaking, so feel free to take some photos. Basically, what you should do on a regular basis is take some time with your family only to walk around Chelsea. With every step you take, you will see that this neighborhood is more than charming. You will soon realize why people decide to relocate here but rarely decide to move out of it. Do not worry about your moving process- Astoria NY movers are going to help you, and you will be in your new home before you know it.

You are going to like the community

What makes a place great for a living are the people. They make a great difference and they can make a beautiful place even more beautiful. So, what you should know is that Chelsea is a place where everybody is welcome. You will see that this is home to people of different ages and cultures. If it happens that you are someone who likes spending time with people from different backgrounds, then Chelsea is the right place for you.

Group of people sitting together
You are going to like your new community- you will meet new people and make new friends

As a matter of fact, Chelsea is also recognized for its sizeable LGBTQ population (more than 20 percent). As you can see, you will be living in a place where you can be who you really are and enjoy spending time with your neighbors once your residential relocation is over.

Moving from Astoria to Chelsea with family in a few simple steps

Moving from Astoria to Chelsea with family is certainly something you are going to enjoy. First of all, your relocation process is not going to be stressful because you are going to have a professional by your side. What is important is that you make a moving checklist and complete the tasks on time. Once everything is over, you should start getting to know your new environment. Feel free to make another list- a list of things you want to see and places to visit. Do your best to organize your time properly and you will manage to do everything you like. In the meantime, try to get to know your neighbors- you will find true friends before you know it.




We had our wonderful wonderful experience with these movers. Special thanks to our foreman, Josh, and everyone on the team who helped.

Eliza G. / 2021-08-14

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