Local’s Guide To Hidden Gems In NYC

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It is very easy to explore the place once you move there. You will have much more time for it, and it will serve you as perfect relaxation after all that hard work. But sometimes, getting information firsthand is the best thing that can happen! You will get a better insight into not-so-crowded places, but equally beautiful and special. When you have a place so huge and popular as NYC, one may wonder if there is anything left to explore. Luckily, here is some good news! We proudly present you a local’s guide to hidden gems in NYC that you will love at the first sight!

Getting to know NYC

The first word that will come to your mind when you hear the name NYC will be “popular”. And that term means a lot. NYC welcomes more than 60 million tourists from all around the world. On the other hand, professional movers NYC has keep on helping people move there on a daily basis. As a result, this city and its streets are always full of people and vehicles having the time of their lives. All newcomers will feel the urge to visit the most notable locations including Times Square, Central Park, or the Statue of Liberty after relocating. The list goes on and on but at some point, all these places will be checked on your list.

A body of water in the city.
Having a trustworthy guide to hidden gems in NYC will help you get to know the place better and make it fit your needs.

When the time comes to start acting like a local, you will become more interested in hidden gems in NYC that will go hand-in-hand with your lifestyle. Believe it or not, NYC is full of it, and all you need is good advice from someone who knows the place. Considering there are 5 main boroughs and many neighborhoods, we will focus on the most beloved ones you must check out at some point!

Garden on the clouds

Who would want to miss that? If you feel the urge to get away from the busy streets and find yourself way above them, we have the perfect place for you. The Elevated Acre is a garden on the top of a building in Manhattan. It is not huge but it is big enough to make you enjoy every single moment you spend there. You can find it in Manhattan and locals love spending time there. You can take a walk or drink your morning coffee there, as the park is available to the public all the time. Small tables and benches will serve you well during a break and there won’t be a lot of tourists around. If you decide to move there with the help of the moving companies Manhattan has, this park will be just a couple of minutes away from you.

How about a taste of old New York City?

Speaking of Manhattan, our guide to hidden gems in NYC must include one more location. Russ & Daughters restaurant has existed since 1914 and it offers all kinds of jewish delicious meals. With the restaurant having such a long history, you already know that it is a place you shouldn’t skip. The prices are very affordable and on the menu, you can always find delicious bagels and smoked fish. Even though it has been many years since they welcomed their first guests, the restaurant managed to keep the same atmosphere. You can find it at East Houston Street and its employees will greet you with smiles and nothing but positive vibes. After you finish exploring crowded restaurants in NYC, we are pretty sure this will become your favorite spot.

A display in the bakery.
There will be nothing better than finding a local bakery that will serve all your favorite pastries and cookies.

The guide to hidden gems in NYC leads us to local artists too

Those who will move with the help of NoHo movers will have a couple of surprises waiting for them there. This neighborhood is famous for praising art and young professionals, and as a result, there will be countless workshops waiting for you there. However, there is one that locals consider to be the most important one. The Market NYC is a small boutique that offers works of locals including handmade jewelry and clothes. The prices are affordable and you will find everything you need there. This boutique will be perfect for purchasing small furniture items that will represent the very world of NYC. You can find handmade chairs, coffee tables, and curtains, all marked by people who are calling this neighborhood their home.

Brooklyn hidden gem for all shopping lovers

No one said that you have to go shopping early in the morning or in the afternoon. Once movers Brooklyn offers unload your items, you can treat yourself to a nice shopping- at night! The Brooklyn Night Bazaar is located in Greenpoint and is one of the most interesting indoor markets in NYC. There, you can find clothes, shoes, furniture, and delicious food as well. In case you are a young professional and love working at night, visiting this market will be a perfect break from all that work. Locals love spending time there, and you will see a lot of them selling handmade products as well. If you are in a similar business, this market will be a perfect opportunity to display your talent or services.

Cafe Mogador is for all coffee lovers

Since Williamsburg is one of the most popular neighborhoods in Brooklyn, it is only logical that there will be a couple of interesting spots to check out there as well. One of the coziest ones surely is Cage Mogador. According to locals, they serve the most delicious coffee and other hot drinks but that is not all. If you love Mediterranean cuisine this place will have all those meals and snacks you are used to. Once you start making new friendships in NYC, this cafe will be perfect for your brunches, dinners, and morning meetings. They have pretty spacious seats there and if you love taking your laptop with you, count on being productive in their lovely atmosphere.

As soon as movers Williamsburg Brooklyn has finish your relocation, you will see that this neighborhood is full of smaller bars and restaurants. In fact, a lot of people from other boroughs follow the tradition of visiting them over the weekend. In case you are looking for a part-time job, feel free to apply at one of these as they are always giving young people a chance to chase their careers. 

Empty tables at the restaurant.
Once you check out popular restaurants and bars, you will need something more subtle and homey.

The Cherry Lane Theatre is part of our guide to hidden gems in NYC

Countless young people will decide to move to NYC because this city is all about art and culture. With a perfect balance between modern and traditional, no wonder it is home to countless theatres. And while some of them are so popular that you need to wait for hours to get inside, others however are a precious secret kept by locals. One of those places is the Cherry Lane Theatre in Greenwich Village, Manhattan. Established back in 1924, it is responsible for launching the careers of many successful actors and directors. Today, you can enjoy all kinds of performances including concerts, plays, and exhibitions, with popular names showing up. If you find yourself in this neighborhood, make sure to get your tickets on time.

Have a night out in Bob Dylan style

While huge fans already know about Cafe Wha? this iconic place is not as popular among tourists as you would think. Those who will settle in with the help of Greenwich Village movers should visit it at least once. The main reason this location is included in the local’s guide to hidden gems in NYC is that it has been around since 1950. Many famous musicians loved spending time there including Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix, and others. The place hosts live performances every night, focusing often on local musicians and performers. The drinks, snacks, and meals are not only delicious but very affordable and you and your friends will love spending time there. The atmosphere will remind you of high-quality music and past times everyone remembers fondly.

People in the museum talking about the guide to hidden gems in NYC.
Places that remind us of history and art are more than worthy of being in your guide to hidden gems in NYC!

Printed Matter bookstore

One of the neighborhoods in Manhattan that is closely related to art is Chelsea. Even those who live in other parts of NYC will consider relocating there with the help of Chelsea movers. If you are among them as well you will and this part of NYC to be perfectly suitable for all your needs. There are many galleries all over the place as well as local museums. But one place, in particular, will catch your attention right away. Printed Matter is a bookstore that focuses on publishing the works of young artists and writers. Don’t be surprised if you come across the name of your coworker or closest neighbor. Of course, you can buy a lot of classical works as well as souvenirs and different accessories.

While there, don’t forget to stop by Chelsea Market

Very close to the bookstore, you can find Chelsea Market. Every single store there is always offering fresh goods, including packed salads, ice cream, and even hot meals. Locals of this neighborhood will usually visit it early in the morning, making sure to start their day as healthy as possible. You can count on getting your spices there as well as there is a separate shop dedicated only to these products. Seafood is much more affordable here than in the actual shop, so it can be your daily source as well. The market is half indoor establishments so don’t worry when the temperatures drop down. You will still be able to visit the market, even during the weekends.

A person making a sculpture to be featured in your guide to hidden gems in NYC.
And in case you want to show off your skills and talents, you will find plenty of galleries supporting local artists!

Guide to hidden gems in Astoria, Queens

The decision to rely on Astoria NY movers and settle into this neighborhood could benefit you in many different ways. Astoria is home to excellent schools and is a really quiet neighborhood in general. A lot of families will chance noisy homes for a much more subtle apartment here, especially if they have young kids. And when you arrive there, the time will come to explore some of the places included in this guide to hidden gems in NYC. One of them is certainly Astoria Park Pool. Even though it is not exactly hidden, tourists focus more on exploring other places especially if they will not be staying for too long. The pool is open every day during the season and it offers nothing but fun. All generations can enjoy it, as there are different sections of the pool.

Considering that Astoria in Queens is not really small, you will get a chance to explore it to the fullest once your relocation is over. Make sure to always have a good plan, as traffic can become messy in the afternoon. If you have your vehicle it is better you leave it parked and use public transportation instead. This way you will get to see much more of the place and will arrive on time. Public transportation works well in the city and you will find a lot of locals using it for their daily tasks. It may take a while to get used to it, but you will be familiar with routes in no time.

Some books in the library as an example of smaller bookstores that are part of guide to hidden gems in NYC.
All of you who love reading interesting works and support young writers will have a lot of bookstores to check out!

Local’s guide to hidden gems in NYC: In conclusion

The list is, of course, way longer than this guide to hidden gems in NYC. But to get the exact spirit of NYC you will need to spend some time there and see what locals love doing. No matter what neighborhood you choose, you will find yourself among lovely people and unique places. Take your time adjusting and even if you are moving from a smaller place, you will start feeling like you have been living there your whole life. Rely on movers when the time for relocation comes, and don’t forget to request moving quote NYC. There is a chance that living costs in this city will be higher than in your hometown and your budget should be set way before you set the date.



We had our wonderful wonderful experience with these movers. Special thanks to our foreman, Josh, and everyone on the team who helped.

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