Is Moving to Upper East Side Worth the Cost?

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Moving is a long and complicated process. It can usually exhaust a person. Without any guarantees to rely on firm foundations to build your future upon, it might be hard to plunge into the unknown. It is the case because it is hard to accept extreme changes and confront the unexpected. Moving is especially hellish if, after relocation, you regret living in the place you chose to move to. The reasons for that are many, such as high crime rates, noisy environment, or high cost of living. That is why it is essential to investigate all pros and cons of moving to a particular place. In this article, we’ll talk about cheap movers Manhattan, the cost of living on the Upper East Side, and if it’s worth moving to Upper East Side considering the price.

The cost of life and lifestyle

Many individuals are curious about all the neighborhoods in Manhattan. When it comes to the most popular ones, Upper East Side, West Village, Greenwich Village, Gramercy Park, and Tribeca are areas that are most frequently discussed. Because of this, most individuals are interested in learning how much it costs to live in these places. For instance, Upper East Side is considered one of the best neighborhoods in Manhattan. It’s the place where many people dream about living. There’s virtually no one who hasn’t heard about the Upper East Side. That’s because it has been talked about in many popular TV shows and movies. You will make sure this is true once you hire local movers NYC to relocate you to Manhattan.

Upper East Side, West Village, Greenwich Village, Gramercy Park, and Tribeca are one of the most popular places when moving to Upper East Side.

Gramercy Park and the Upper East side share the same lifestyle

You might be surprised to learn that despite being in the heart of New York City, a neighborhood like Gramercy Park can nevertheless be charming and peaceful. This neighborhood offers wonderful food and a fashionable lifestyle. To move there, make sure to hire Gramercy Park movers to handle your relocation. In case Upper East Side doesn’t meet your expectations, Gramercy Park could be a great option since both have a similar lifestyle.

Most expensive neighborhoods in NYC

However, the drawback of that is that for years now, they have both been the most expensive neighborhoods in the US. Both housing and living costs are quite pricey in the Upper East Side and Gramercy Park. Namely, living expenses are substantially high. Another neighborhood that is also quite pricey is Tribeca. Nevertheless, in case you still opt to move to Tribeca, the cost of living will also depend on the lifestyle you hope to lead following your move with Tribeca movers. Make sure to calculate all your potential monthly costs in order to choose the best neighborhood.

a woman planning and thinking about moving to Upper East Side
When choosing the right neighborhood, bear in mind that the cost of living will be pretty high. Make sure to calculate all the potential expenses.

Consider property and rental prices in other neighborhoods when moving to Upper East Side

Although the prices in Upper East Side are high, you may have a great time there even if you don’t live a life of luxury. You can expect greater living expenses if you intend to start a family here. No matter whether you want to buy or rent a home on Upper East Side, be prepared to part with a lot of money. If you want to buy a residence, know that the median asking price is $1.7 million. On the other hand, in Greenwich, the typical listing price of a home was $2.5 million. In case you prefer a more luxurious lifestyle, make sure to contact Greenwich Village movers to assist you in your relocation.

On the other hand, if you want to rent a place in Upper East Side, the median asking price is $3,400 a month as of January 2022. Namely, a one-bedroom apartment on the Upper East Side typically rents for between $2,400 and $4,400 a month. On the other hand, a one-bedroom apartment in Greenwich Village will rent for an average of $5,200. Although the cost of living is high, one can find an affordable place to live. However, don’t forget to calculate the money needed for hiring movers Upper East Side as well.

Cityscape during nighttime you will be able to enjoy after moving to Upper East Side.
Moving to Upper East Side can get you many good opportunities. However, is it worth the cost?

Consider the cultural diversity

No matter the age or job you have, Upper East Side is perfect for everybody. This neighborhood is close to everything one may need – a workplace, schools, restaurants, and so on. It’s home to many diverse people, such as students, doctors, and retired people, to count a few. In case you are thinking of similar neighborhoods, make sure that West Village also offers cultural diversity. If Upper East Side is too posh for you, you might want to consider hiring West Village movers to help you relocate your belongings.

Once you have moved to Manhattan, don’t worry about the people around you. They will be of different cultural and ethnic backgrounds and have different religions and philosophies. So no matter how dissimilar you think you are and that you won’t fit in, worry not. You will find yourself home once you move to Upper East Side and be accepted. In case you are not a fan of cultural diversity, make sure to move to Alphabet City. In case you do research on other neighborhoods in Manhattan and find Alphabet City movers you can trust, you might find better options than Upper East Side.

Take whether into account when moving to Upper East Side

The climate in Upper East Side is generally pleasing and mild. Summers are warm, muggy, and rainy, while winters are cold, snowy, and windy. The average annual temperature ranges from 29 to 86 degrees Fahrenheit. The warm season, which has an average daily high temperature above 77°F, lasts for around 3 and a half months. With an average high of 83°F and a low of 70°F, July is the hottest month of the year in Upper East Side. If you are a fan of such a climate, moving there and living in Upper East Side will be a very good decision. Explore the climate in Upper East Side once you have hired excellent packing services NYC.

Consider entertainment when moving to Upper East Side

In case you are into shopping right outside your door, Upper East Side will be the perfect place for you. Additionally, there is a large number of museums and art galleries in this part of Manhattan. Apart from having fun, you might also want to stroll along Central Park’s side surrounded by trees to relax and enjoy nature. You could also visit numerous dog parks, bars, gyms, and restaurants. You can also enjoy the scenery from the East River Esplanade. Do not be worried that you will be bored. If you decide to move to Upper East Side, here are the things you can see:

  • Museums – Moving to Upper East Side will allow you to enjoy art shown in museums such as the Jewish Museum of New York or The Met Breuer. The number of museums there is among the highest in the nation. Other notable museums include The Met, Guggenheim, Frick, Mount Vernon Hotel Museum, and others.
  • There are many restaurants that serve a variety of food. This area of Manhattan is home to some of New York City’s top restaurants. They offer a wide variety of dishes and cuisines.
  • Upper East Side offers shopping malls where you can buy designer clothes, handbags, shoes, and more. If you enjoy shopping, moving to the Upper East Side will make it much more enjoyable. Some of the nicest stores in town are Citarella, Fairway, Hayward House, Aquazzurra Boutique, Fivestory, and many others.
A woman sitting while enjoying the art in a museum
Relocation to Upper East Side will allow you to enjoy the art.

Final thoughts

Although the cost of living on the Upper East Side is high, you can still find an affordable residence and enjoy its beauty. The costs and the quality of your lifestyle are both equally significant. Finding what you really want is as important as finding inexpensive housing possibilities. Making a choice will be simpler after you compare the living prices of the Upper East Side and other parts of Manhattan. For several reasons, Manhattan is the most well-liked borough in New York City. All neighborhoods are both interesting and well-known. Although it might be a bit expensive, it is definitely worth it. In order to alleviate your relocation and have more free time, make sure to get in touch with reliable movers, and get started on your preparations for moving to Upper East Side.



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