How to pack your valuables for a local move

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Every move is unique and complex in its own way. However, we must admit that a local move is far easier than a long-distance one. So you can exhale now. However, one question imposes itself: How to pack your valuables for a local move? But the answer is pretty simple. If you prepare well, you will be able to handle it. This is especially true if you have experienced movers and packers NYC companies offer by your side. If you choose to partner up with a reliable moving company, they will know how to handle any situation possible. That will lift a part of the weight from your shoulders. And you can ask them for advice like how to pack your valuables for a local move.

two people with carboard boxes on their heads probably wondering how to pack your valuables for a local move.
Packing is one of the most challenging tasks.

All the complexities of packing valuables

Packing valuables holds complexities. First, items vary. Some are fragile, others have monetary value, and some hold personal significance. Besides, every item’s nature demands a unique packing strategy. Here, bubble wraps, newspapers, and sturdy boxes become essentials. Also, maneuvering these packed items is tricky and careful handling prevents damage. On the other hand, bigger pieces pose greater challenges. Loading into the moving truck is another task. It’s a game of Tetris, where every space counts, and proper arrangement ensures safety during transport. Ultimately, transportation is the final phase. It entails navigating traffic and rough roads. Skillful driving guarantees the valuables’ security. Luckily, professional movers, like movers Manhattan NY residents trust, have mastered those skills. They will handle this endeavor for you.

Getting the right movers is so important

The moving market is getting bigger and bigger by the day. And many amateurs want to find their place in it. But if you want to experience flow when moving, skip hiring them. The last thing you want is to realize on a moving day that they don’t have the right equipment or skills to relocate all of your belongings. Looking for some local movers Brooklyn is a smart thing to do if you are from Brooklyn or you are moving to it.

moving company men
Getting the right movers is so important.

If you have friends who could recommend movers, that will save you some time and energy. But since this is often not the case, it takes some time for research. New Yorkers tend to move within the city, so you can search for residential movers NYC companies provide that will give you a better price. Moving costs are calculated in combination with the weight of your load and the distance they have to cross. But never sign the deal before you get estimates from at least three different moving companies.

Ideas on how to pack your valuables for a local move

If you hate packing or you have a tight timeline, you have to know that you can ask your movers instead of you. They will know just the safest way to pack your valuables for the move. However, if they add packing services NYC to your account, expect extra moving costs. If your moving budget allows it, this can be really great solution. But if that is not the case, if you just want to pack all by yourself – you should know that you can handle it, and we are here to give you some tips on the subject:

  • Get quality packing material
  • Valuable items need extra care
  • Valuable items need extra care
  • Do not forget to label your boxes
  • Packing documents
a sculpture in a box cushioned with packing paper showing how to pack your valuables for a local move
We offer you ideas on how to pack your valuables for a local move.

Get quality packing material

If you decide to pack your valuables for a local move by yourself, you should order some quality packing material. This really is not the place to compromise price on quality because you want all your items to come to the new address undamaged. So order different sizes of cardboard boxes, bubble wrap, and tape for a start. You can also use some plastic bags for smaller items that you want to pack separately and then put in a box or by yourself. Besides, when it comes to appliances, use original boxes if possible. Also, you can use items you already have at home as packaging, but consult with your movers about the types of items you can pack and their safety.

However, to save both time and energy, it is best to hire professional NYC packers. They will know the exact type of materials to use according to your items’ size, weight, length, and fragility level. Alongside the packing materials, they also use other supplies for easy truck loading. But that’s not all. They use extra packing materials inside the moving truck to protect your boxes in a moving truck.

Valuable items need extra care

So, of course, you will take some special care to pack your valuables for a local move well. The best is, as previously said, if you have saved original packing boxes since they are always perfect in size and often are made for easy and safe transport. But if that is not the case, do not worry; there are some other ways. Find the boxes that fit well or as well as possible. If you tend to pack dishes, use cardboard partitions or pack every item in paper before you place them into boxes. Besides, use cushioning for extra protection. Use bubble wrap abundantly. Really, try to fill the space between your valuables and the box, so they don’t move inside of it. You can also use some packing peanuts, for that matter. Also, depending on the boxes, you can fill them with some packing paper.

Do not forget to label your boxes

Labeling is such an important thing that will help you tremendously once you and your staff come to your new place. You can label every box with the name of the room where the items there belong to. Your movers can place them right after they reach the destination. This will give you a sense of order and ease once you relocate. And for the valuables, labeling will warn every person who comes in touch with it. Movers will know to place those boxes on top and to subchapter them additionally if needed. They will also carry them with special care, as well as your household members or anyone who see those boxes. Use labels such as “handle with care,” “caution,” “fragile,” or “hazardous.” Even though it is a local move, it is highly important to have all your boxes labeled properly.

Always label boxes with your fragile items.

Packing documents

There always are some valuable things you need to take that could be packed unconventionally. Your documents are a thing like that. First of all: downsize the paper you don’t need anymore. We tend to save some documents far longer than we actually need them. So before you pack your financial documents, tax records, stocks, and bank statements, throw out those that are expired or outdated. Another thing you can do is scan all the important ones. Since documents don’t take up much space, you can pack them all in one file, a box, or one bag and take them with you on a moving day. However, it is important to have digital copies on your computer for USB devices. Of course, sort these documents by type and priority.

How to sort your documents

Here’s how to sort out the documents for packing:

  • Catalog: First, catalog all your documents. You can categorize them into personal, financial, legal, medical, and educational.
  • Prioritize: Identify the essential documents that you may need immediately. These could be passports, driver’s licenses, social security cards, birth certificates, and tax forms.
  • Digitize: Scan important documents and store them digitally as a backup. This step provides security if physical copies are lost or damaged.
  • Secure Storage: Invest in a fireproof and waterproof document safe for originals of your most critical documents.
  • Organize: Arrange the rest of the documents in labeled folders or envelopes for easy access.
  • Pack: Pack these organized documents in sturdy boxes. Remember to label these boxes for easy identification clearly.
  • Transport: Carry the most important documents with you during the move for added security.

Sorting documents may seem tedious, but following these steps can make the process more manageable and secure. This way, you will pack your valuables for a local move with ease.

A man packing documents in a file
Packing documents in the right way is a must.

How to pack artwork?

Proper packing of valuables is a crucial aspect of any moving process. These items, whether precious heirlooms, important documents, or prized artwork, hold more than just monetary value; they’re repositories of personal history and sentiment. They demand meticulous handling and protection. From using the appropriate packing materials to careful maneuvering and strategic placement within the moving truck, every step needs special attention. Companies specializing in moving services, like movers Harlem NYC  understand these intricacies and ensure your cherished items are safeguarded during transit. By entrusting these professionals, you not only ensure the physical safety of your valuables but also preserve the emotional ties they hold.

How to pack your valuables for a local move: Pack antiques

Packing antiques for a local move demands detailed care and attention, given their fragile nature and often irreplaceable value. Start by making a detailed inventory of your items, including photographs and descriptions of their current condition. Consider using acid-free tissue paper, which doesn’t harm things over time, as your first layer of protection for smaller items. Surround this with ample bubble wrap, providing a cushion against impacts. Large or oddly-shaped antiques may need custom-made wooden crates for optimal safety. When packing antique furniture, remove any detachable parts and pack them separately. Bubble wrap each piece, then secure them with moving blankets for extra padding. The corners and other vulnerable areas should receive additional padding. Always use sturdy boxes and containers clearly labeled with ‘Fragile’ and ‘Antique.’ By investing time and resources in packing, you’ll safeguard your treasures for the next chapter of your story.

Bonus tip: Use storage after packing

Utilizing storage can provide valuable benefits during the packing and moving process. After carefully packing your belongings, especially precious items like antiques and artwork, considering a storage facility like NYC storage can be a wise decision. This option not only declutters your space, providing a cleaner environment for last-minute packing and cleaning tasks, but also adds an extra layer of protection for your valuables. A climate-controlled storage unit can keep sensitive items safe from harmful weather conditions. Moreover, storage offers a convenient solution if your new place is not immediately ready for all your packed belongings. So, remember this bonus tip: strategic use of storage facilities such as NYC storage can ease your moving process, making it more manageable, secure, and stress-free.

a couple showing how to pack your valuable items for a local move
following these tips and tricks, you’ll be able to pack like a pro.

Did you learn to pack your valuables for a local move?

We tried to help you with some advice on how to pack your valuables for a local move. And we do hope we succeeded in that. If you have some smaller items, you can always keep them by your side, so that often isn’t a problem. For bigger items, find the packing material that fits the best and put a lot of bubble wrap around it. Most probably, that will be enough. If you have some specific items that you don’t know what to do with – ask your movers for suggestions or try to find the best solution. Don’t get scared about packing. Remind yourself that there is a solution for every challenge and that you are able to find it. With this moving mentality, you’ll be able to handle relocation with ease. And for affordable packing prices, contact our flat rate movers NYC residents trust the most.



We had our wonderful wonderful experience with these movers. Special thanks to our foreman, Josh, and everyone on the team who helped.

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