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Moving can be a challenging task regardless of your age, gender, or place in life. The further you move, the more impact it’s gonna have on you. Luckily, you won’t have to worry about that too much here. Moving from SoHo to NoHo seems like it will be easy, but be careful. Just because it’s close by doesn’t mean it’s gonna be easy. Consider using Clean Cut Moving services as your primary source of help for this move. People often underestimate the time and energy needed to move somewhere close.

The first thing to do is to look for an upgrade in your living situation

The main difference you’re gonna feel when you move from SoHo to NoHo is your living situation. When you’re planning on moving, finding the best apartment takes a ton of time. This is why we suggest using residential movers NYC services in order to preserve you’re time and energy in order to look for a new apartment. The most savings and benefits will come from finding the best apartment possible. This is your main goal.

women reading a blog about moving from SoHo to NoHo
Try to find good apartments online. This may take time.

Some of the benefits you can get if you play your cards right:

  • If you want a bigger apartment, you have a chance to find one. The prices are pretty similar between the two areas. By researching online prices for a period of time, chances are you will strike a jackpot and find an apartment that will be an upgrade from your current one.
  • If you’re moving in with someone and want a different living situation but at the same time have a similar feel of the city and neighborhood, this is your chance in doing so.
  • If you’re in a situation where you’re living with your parents, and now you want to be more independent but still live close by, this is a perfect chance to find independence and preserve the things you love about NYC
  • Only a small change of scenery can have a huge impact on your life. With just a change of neighborhoods, you can meet a lot of new people, have your new favorite places close by, and get a totally different vibe from your surroundings.

Packing done right

One of the most important parts of moving is packing when moving from SoHo to NoHo. Labeling everything, gathering all the boxes, sort all the things you have takes a ton of time. Sometimes people think that their packing can be done in a day or two, only to later realize that’s taking over a week. This can have a huge impact on your personal and professional life. You don’t want to stress out about moving some stuff, but this can really strike a nerve more often than not.

man packing boxes in a van
Packing services can save a lot of headaches when moving from SoHo to NoHo

For this reason, we suggest using our packing service NYC in order to make the packing much more efficient. On the other hand, you can ask friends for help but consider that it’s not their first plan and that they possibly simply won’t have time or the energy to move the heavy stuff with you. Sometimes this method can work out very well, but we need to consider if they can lift heavy things, do they have too much on their mind, or does it simply take too much effort for the stuff they have. Having 6 males that go to the gym in their 20s help you out for 3 days isn’t the same as having 2 friends that have jobs and kids.

Packing can take a lot of time and so can be very hard work. We realize this and suggest you use some services from NoHo movers to aid you in your moving journey. Even just a few blocks away can be pretty hard work, especially if you have heavy furniture. Furthermore, consider using storage space if you have one locally. It’s best to have a middleman between your old home and your new home. It can save you a ton of time and headaches knowing that your new home wont is full of every single thing you have. You can leave some important things in your storage until you fully leave your old home.

Things to do when you move from SoHo to NoHo

There are a lot of new things to do even if you move from SoHo to NoHo. If you want to keep it simple, we suggest using Soho movers to move with ease and do have more time to establish your new home. Furthermore, just because it’s a few blocks away doesn’t mean it’s not something new to be experienced. We suggest you start by meeting your new neighbors. You will be living next to these people for a long time, and you will want to have someone you can rely on when you need help. This goes even further if you’re living alone and just want someone close to hang out with. You can throw a party or invite them for coffee just to chit-chat. By meeting new people, you will already feel like you have moved somewhere far away.

two men and two women talking on a home party
Throwing a party for your new neighbors can have a positive impact down the road

To take it a step further, look for local restaurants and bars. If you have a coffee shop in your building or somewhere very close, it can be your new favorite place. Also, be sure to visit the Merchant’s House Museum if you haven’t already. It’s close by, and it has a pretty significant cultural and historical value. If you’re going to the gym and the gym in SoHo is far from here, consider finding a local gym that fits your location more.

Last thoughts on moving from SoHo to NoHo

Moving from SoHo to NoHo may seem like a simple task, but that may not be the case. It doesn’t need to be complicated and stressful if you plan out everything in advance. It is important to save as much time and energy as possible and to have a good fresh start. Moreover, it will probably be very exciting and fun. Since you’re moving pretty close by, you will not have to deal with a change of culture. But you will feel the environment change for sure. That can be extremely powerful. Especially if you take proactive steps in meeting your new neighbors and making friends with everyone around you.



We had our wonderful wonderful experience with these movers. Special thanks to our foreman, Josh, and everyone on the team who helped.

Eliza G. / 2021-08-14

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