Brooklyn vs. Manhattan: How to choose what’s right for you

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Moving to a big city like New York can be a unique experience; choosing the right place to live can be challenging, especially for someone who isn’t used to big cities. The decision is not easy to make considering the two most popular options, Brooklyn vs. Manhattan. If you are planning on moving to either of these places, call Clean Cut Moving NYC and use valuable time and energy on your life… instead of your move.

NYC has a lot to offer

New York City is a diverse city that never sleeps and has so much to offer, regardless of age. Furthermore, choosing the right location is actually much more important than people realize. Since New York is an enormous city, there are parts of it you won’t see in your lifetime; even if you have lived there all your life, it’s just too massive. However, let’s compare two top-rated locations; Brooklyn vs. Manhattan. While the culture is similar, there are some substantial differences between these two places. We will go over many things, from the cost of living to the crime rate. You will know all the essential information to make your choice much easier. This information will include:

  • Cost of living
  • Real estate market
  • Lifestyle
  • Education opportunities
  • Crime rates
  • Commuting
  • Main attractions

After knowing these things, you’ll be able to make your choice on where to move – Brooklyn vs. Manhattan. And after choosing, hire local movers NYC offers and move in no time.

Costs of living in Brooklyn and Manhattan

The cost of living can significantly impact your finances. Let’s start with the basics. Grocery prices are pretty much the same (it is 3% cheaper in Brooklyn), and you won’t notice any significant differences between Brooklyn and Manhattan in this area. Furthermore, utilities (including electrical bills, gas, heating, cooling, etc.) cost the same, too, so consider this a second tie! Transportation is a bit different. It’s important to note that transportation costs about 15% more in Brooklyn than in Manhattan. So if you like to use public transportation a lot and are on a tight budget, we suggest you take this into consideration. On the other hand, if you love going to restaurants, watching movies, and shopping for clothes, these activities will cost significantly more in Manhattan, 25% more! However, these costs are prone to changes on a daily basis, so check numerous resources for further information.

Two men calculation costs of living in Brooklyn vs. Manhattan
The biggest differences are in housing and services. Manhattan is more expensive!

Let’s look into the real estate market

We recognize that there is a considerable difference in the housing market in Brooklyn vs. Manhattan. Manhattan is far more costly. However, even though Brooklyn is cheaper, in the broad picture, it’s pretty expensive compared to the national average. With a median home value of $1,008,500, Manhattan is not a place to save money. However, the average cost of renting a home is around $1,869. On the other hand, the median home value in Brooklyn is  $767,500. When it comes to the average cost of rent in Brooklyn, it comes in at about $1,582, which is a bit lower than the one in Manhattan. When you pay your first rent, moving as fast as possible is extremely important. Therefore, use the packing service NYC companies offer and pack fast to start living in your new home as soon as possible.

All in all, if you’re on a tight budget, consider Brooklyn more. Moving from Manhattan to Brooklyn is attractive for many people because it’s cheaper and more down-to-earth. Keep these numbers in mind, they are pretty important, but there are also many other things to consider. There is probably a good reason these prices are that high, possibly the fantastic quality of life you get by living here. Nevertheless, don’t underestimate the differences in rent; even a few hundred dollars a month can considerably impact your budget.

Bedroom with a bed and table
Getting a nice place in a big city can be a tedious task but a rewarding one!

Lifestyle in Brooklyn vs. Manhattan

If you want to think a few steps ahead, hiring residential movers NYC companies offer is a great way to start planning your move in advance. Now that we discussed money, the next thing to consider is lifestyle. So at first glance, Brooklyn is more spacious and has more nature. It’s more laid back and casual, probably suitable for some type of family life where you can be at peace while still living in a big city.

In contrast, Manhattan is very different. It’s a lively, vibrant, busy, and fast environment. We think it really lives up to the saying, “The city that never sleeps.” You have some quieter neighborhoods, but they are few in between. So, if you want quiet, go for Brooklyn. It’s very dense with a lot of popular artists and festivals. So if you have a fast lifestyle, go for Manhattan. If you are laid back, go for Brooklyn. Both places are extremely diverse and have very talented people and celebrities.

Food is also worth mentioning. Manhattan will provide more than plenty if you like fine dining and have an expensive taste. It has a vast selection of high-end restaurants, many of which are heavily influenced by French cuisine. To put it in perspective, New York has about 450 Michelin-star restaurants, and 2/3 of them are in Manhattan! On the other hand, being a generally more modest place, Brooklyn has more of a foodie-type culture, although it’s not scattered with restaurants.

A women reading a blog about Brooklyn vs. Manhattan
Consider the type of job you have. Is it more fast-paced or relaxed?

Brooklyn vs. Manhattan education opportunities

We must say that both Manhattan and Brooklyn offer amazing educational opportunities. Lots of top schools in NYC are located here. However, it’s wise to mention that public schools in Brooklyn vs. Manhattan have a wide disparity in quality, ranging from the best to the worst in the nation. The admissions process can be very tedious, and the selection process is quite unique. You are technically not guaranteed to get a seat in your local public school.

What’s more, getting into a high school is like the lottery; you don’t know how it will turn out and in which one you will end up. Many schools can be very small (about 100 kids per year), and a lot of them are pretty large (around 1000-1500 kids per year). Many of them over a wide variety of interests make things even more complicated. Some schools focus on science, social studies, sports (even football exclusively), art, and much more. On top of that, most schools are incredibly diverse, so that’s always a plus! And if you are a student looking to relocate to NYC, the wisest idea is to hire the services of flat rate movers NYC companies have and move without any additional expenses.

Moving for educational purposes

We believe you will find your place if you have any educational needs. Something to think about is your budget. If you are a student renting an apartment, Manhattan can be expensive. Although, if you have some friends with whom you can share an apartment, you can make it work. For the most part, think about rent. It’s a rough deal even for a high earner, let alone a student on a tight budget. On the other hand, Brooklyn has lower rents and still fantastic educational opportunities. For example, Brooklyn College was given the title of the “Best Value” college by College Consensus for 2022.

Young adults comparing pros and cons of living in Brooklyn vs. Manhattan
There are not many differences between Brooklyn vs. Manhattan regarding the educational system; both offer excellent choices

Brooklyn vs. Manhattan crime rate

There isn’t much to be said about the crime rate compared to these two places. They are pretty much the same. Manhattan has a crime index of 30, while Brooklyn has an index of 32. Although one thing to mention is because it’s a big city, crime is generally more frequent than the national average. Sadly, crime is on the rise in NYC, mainly because many young people are out of work and generally lack respect for the police. It’s somewhat expected from a big city but worth mentioning. We think that you won’t have any trouble regarding your security. Both Brooklyn vs. Manhattan are generally safe places to live in, of course, depending on the area, as it’s the case in many other places. So, we suggest researching the area that you find your apartment in. Some areas are shadier than others, but generally, it’s very safe.

Differences in commuting

Painting a broad picture regarding the commute is torturous. Basically, it really depends on where you live. Generally, the further you go to the outskirts, the less subway coverage you’ll have. That’s true for both Brooklyn vs. Manhattan. We suggest finding an apartment closer to the heart of those two areas, especially if you don’t own a vehicle and rely on public transportation. If you have trouble with transportation while moving, contact moving service NYC to save time and energy. Make sure you find an apartment within walking distance of a subway. Often, people see a low-rent home and think it is a good deal, only to realize later that the reason is that the subway is very far. That’s okay if you own a car and don’t want much to do with public transportation.

Yellow cars in traffic representing Brooklyn vs. Manhattan battle
Traffic in Brooklyn vs. Manhattan is greatly dependent on which part of the borough you live in

Attractions and must-see places in Brooklyn vs. Manhattan

Manhattan is home to one of the most visited places on the planet. This is the reason Manhattan is the heart of the city that never sleeps. If you end up loving it, the moving companies Manhattan offers can be invaluable during your relocation here. Let’s start with some of the best Manhattan attractions to give you a nudge.

  1. Empire State Building: A 102-story skyscraper that was built during The Great Depression. The name comes from “Empire State,” which I actually the nickname for New York. It was the world’s tallest building at the time (until the World Trade Center in 1971) and quite a feat to take on. At the time of the construction, winning the title of the world’s tallest building was very important. Before it was built, the tallest building was the Chrysler Building. So, it has held a lot of historical and cultural value, above all else.
  2. Statue of Liberty: The Statue of Liberty is a huge sculpture on Liberty Island that was a gift from France in 1886. It represents a Roman Goddess that represents freedom. It has a profound cultural and historical impact that is still felt to this day. Most importantly, it symbolizes the lasting friendship between two nations (France and the US).
  3. Central Park: Central Park is truly one of a kind urban park that was built during the 19th century. It’s home to around 25 million visitors annually and is the most visited park in America. The park is home to a lot of wildlife and interesting attractions on its own. It’s like a mini nature city. If you find an apartment close by, we are sure you will visit it more times than you think.
Arieal view of Manhattan and Central Park
Central Park is truly one of a kind place

Few more places to visit in Manhattan

  • Chryslers Building – tallest building until the Empire State Building
  • Theather District – A fantastic art complex
  • Rockefeller Center – One of the best shopping and dining places in the US
  • Times Square – A world-famous commercial zone filled with exciting events
  • One World Observatory – A unique view with a lot of fun activities
  • and many more…

Brooklyn attractions to visit

When we compare Brooklyn vs. Manhattan, it’s worth saying that Brooklyn also has some amazing sightseeing on its own! Now, let’s see some Brooklyn attractions, and if you like what you see, we suggest contacting moving companies Brooklyn offers and getting further help and information you need to move to Brooklyn easily. Let’s start with some of the most famous destinations:

  1. The world-famous Brooklyn Bridge: The Brooklyn Bridge is a unique and important significant historical landmark. It is over the NYC East River and connects the two boroughs of Manhattan and Brooklyn. Furthermore, it is the home of Brooklyn Bridge Park. A colossal waterfall park with exciting events, sports activities, and festivals that are free to enter.
  2. Brooklyn Botanic Gardens: It is a complex of substantial urban botanic gardens that spike your curiosity and satisfy your need for nature. It was founded in 1910, so it’s been around for a long time, and it shows. Lots of very interesting plants and wildlife can be seen in it. It’s home to over 14000 plants and over 1 million visitors each year. With a free-of-charge entrance and various collections of plants, we are sure you’ll have a unique experience that you won’t forget.
  3. Coney Island: Coney Island is an entertainment park in the southwest section of Brooklyn. With over 5 million visitors each year, it’s an iconic place where people from all over the world have fun. If you like adrenaline or just want to relax on a beach, we recommend you visit Coney Island, as it is as amusing as it gets.
Man walking on the Brooklyn Bridge
The Brooklyn Bridge has, over time, become the icon of NYC

Some other locations worth visiting in Brooklyn

  • MCU Park – A baseball stadium that is home to the New York Mets
  • Prospect Park – Home to some fantastic outdoor parties
  • Brooklyn Museum – Second largest museum in NYC with over 1.5 million objects
  • Barclays Center – A huge arena that hosts a variety of different events
  • Williamsburg Smorgasburg – A weekly festival for foodie enthusiasts
  • and many more…

Final thoughts on Brooklyn vs. Manhattan

We covered a lot regarding the Brooklyn vs. Manhattan battle here. Both offer a variety of things. Before you make any hasty decisions, remember to look over each section carefully and decide if that aligns with your current priorities in life. Maybe you have an affinity for Central Park or like the idea of a laid-back Brooklyn neighborhood. Whatever your preference is, we are sure you will make the right choice and call one of these places your future home. And after you decide where to move to, get your moving quote NYC companies provide and hire experienced movers to handle your relocation.


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