Best Neighborhoods to Buy a Condo in NYC

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We all know how expensive real estate is in NYC. But, if you’re at the point in your life where you’d like to invest in buying a condo, where should it be? There are so many condo options in NYC, from most affordable, to extremely luxurious. Investing in real estate in New York City will prove to be an amazing investment. Even if you decide to move in the future, there will be many interested buyers and renters. Also, buying a condo can add to your deductions when tax season arrives. It truly sounds like a win-win situation, doesn’t it? As one of the leading moving companies NYC has to offer, we’d like to present our top neighborhoods to buy a condo in NYC.

Top picks of the best neighborhoods to buy a condo in NYC

We have done some research and selected four of the best areas to buy a condo in the Big Apple. They are, in no particular order:

  1. Dumbo, Brooklyn
  2. West Chelsea, Manhattan
  3. Forest Hills, Queens
  4. Bushwick, Brooklyn

Dumbo, Brooklyn

Dumbo, Brooklyn, is first on our list of neighborhoods to buy a condo in NYC for a good reason. The name of the neighborhood, Dumbo, is short for Down Under Manhattan Bridge Over Pass. This neighborhood offers many different options for living, including sought-after condos. The median home price in Dumbo is $1,683,175, making it more affordable than most high-end neighborhoods in NYC. Thanks to its close proximity to Manhattan and incredible access to the subway, it’s a hot neighborhood for young singles and working professionals. Additionally, it’s an amazing place for young artists searching to make a name for themselves. You can find many moving companies Brooklyn that specialize in Dumbo condo relocations.

A building in New York City in one of the neighborhoods to buy a condo in NYC
Your dream condo is waiting for you! Just explore some of the best neighborhoods to buy a condo in NYC.

Another amazing selling point of this gorgeous neighborhood is that crime rates are 81% lower than anywhere else in NYC. The neighborhood offers access to many green spaces, something rare in NYC. But, we still need to keep in mind that Dumbo is one of the more exclusive neighborhoods in Brooklyn. And even though it’s not crazy expensive, it is still more expensive than the average person can afford. But if you’re moving from Manhattan to Brooklyn, Dumbo will be the right balance. A lot of Manhattan residents are moving to Dumbo, so grab the chance while the prices aren’t incredibly high!

West Chelsea, Manhattan

Chelsea has always been a pretty popular neighborhood in Manhattan. Young people, especially, love it here due to the many arts, culture, and nightlife options. Chelsea, though, is very tightly populated and there aren’t many free condos left. But what about moving a bit outside of your comfort zone and considering West Chelsea? West Chelsea is on our list of the best neighborhoods to buy a condo in NYC because of its modern aesthetic and relatively okay prices. For example, the median home price in West Chelsea is $1,206,670, a bit less than in Dumbo and a lot less than anywhere else in Manhattan. West Chelsea is close to Hudson Yard and has a similar vibe to it.

The Brooklyn bridge seen between two red buildings in one of the best neighborhoods to buy a condo in NYC
If you’re searching for the organic Brooklyn feel with an amazing view of the Brooklyn Bridge, Dumbo is the place for you.

A lot of big corporations have started branching out into West Chelsea, including Google. So, you can expect a huge job market boom if you were to buy a condo in West Chelsea. The only downside to this amazing neighborhood is that public transportation isn’t as developed as in other parts of the city. You can expect always to need a car to maneuver through this neighborhood. Moving companies Manhattan is home to say this is one of the reasons this neighborhood doesn’t attract many families. But, if you’re a single professional looking to further your career, you will enjoy it. Maybe even more without the constant sound of children.

Forest Hills, Queens

Forest Hills in Queens is widely known as the place to go if you want to purchase a house with a yard. But, lately, there have been condos popping up here and there. And due to its very reasonable prices, Forest Hills has made it onto our list of neighborhoods to buy a condo in NYC. The median home price is $510,930, making it the most affordable place on our list. Forest Hills is far away from the constant buzz of the Big Apple. It will make you feel like you’re living in a completely different city! Most of the moving companies Queens haven’t been able to take a break. A lot of people are moving here for a more laid-back lifestyle while still enjoying the NYC amenities.

Forest Hills is also the perfect place to start a family. Nowhere else in NYC will you be able to walk your children to school each day. The neighborhood is around 80% safer than the rest of the city. And with a lot of green spaces and parks, your kids can be outside enjoying life without you having to worry about anything. Additionally, this neighborhood has big Jewish and Asian communities. If you’re a part of these communities, you might enjoy raising your kids with like-minded people.

A mothe rplaying with her two sons in a park
For parents settling in with their kids, Forest Hills offers family-friendly, safe parks and outdoor activities, making it one of the best neighborhoods to buy a condo in NYC.

Bushwick, Brooklyn

The last on our list is the widely-known Bushwick. With convenient access to Williamsburg and Greenpoint, Bushwick is the ideal location to buy a condo. In Bushwick, you can truly let your creative genius bask in the many vibrant streets and art galleries. The median house price is around $949,000, making it neither expensive nor cheap. The streets are truly what makes this neighborhood. Many of the streets have an industrial feel to them, with amazing artistic murals plastered all over. It’s truly a treat for the senses.

Bushwick isn’t short on fun activities either. There are so many nightclubs you can choose between. And if you’re not big on making choices, just go visit them all! For outdoorsy types, there are the famous Maria Hernandez Park and Irving Square Park. Your movers Bushwick can relocate you exceptionally quickly, so you get to enjoy the beauty of Bushwick faster than anticipated!

Top neighborhoods to buy a condo in NYC delivered

Now that you’ve seen our suggestions on neighborhoods to buy a condo in NYC, it’s time for you to make the final decision. Think of your needs and wishes, compare what each neighborhood offers, and pick. Ultimately, whichever option you go for, chances are that you won’t make a mistake. Good luck!



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