Best neighborhoods in Manhattan for families with kids

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The hardest part of moving is choosing the best neighborhood that would be the best for you and your family. This is the first thing you have to do once you’ve decided you have a good reason to relocate. It is particularly true if you need to move with your family and children. Therefore, when looking for the best neighborhoods in Manhattan for families with kids, make sure to hire experts. One of the best professional movers NYC is here to assist you in moving to one the best Manhattan areas for families with children. Even though you’ve lived in New York for a while, you might not know which areas of the city are best for families. Therefore, you should seek a safe place with a lot to offer. Moreover, you should hire professionals to assist you in your search and relocation.

How to choose the best neighborhoods in Manhattan for families with kids?

When moving to Manhattan with kids, it is crucial to consider certain factors. Although there are many misconceptions about moving to big cities and raising children, they might not all be true. Namely, there are some significant facts that demonstrate that raising a family in Manhattan is fantastic. It is true that the area is a little pricey, so you may need to make careful plans. In that way, you will know how to invest in the best way. However, what is important is to consider a number of factors when picking the best neighborhoods in Manhattan for families with children.

a couple with a child walking after having chosen one of the best neighborhoods in Manhattan for families with kids
There are many criteria when choosing the best neighborhoods in Manhattan for families with kids. Having an area to play and walk outside is definitely one of them.

Consider the location when choosing the best areas in Manhattan for families with kids

The first factor to consider is the location. Namely, you might prefer to stay in a neighborhood with winding streets and lush green lawns. These areas are incredibly different from one another and have a totally different vibe. The most crucial factor to take into account while relocating with your family is the location. It’s important to choose the atmosphere that your family thrives. Moving into a trendy, fast-paced metropolitan neighborhood with little vegetation is probably not the best choice. It is especially the case if your family enjoys playing, walking, and being outside. Since children usually like to play outside, make sure to choose an area that has a variety of parks and playgrounds nearby.

In case you choose one of the best moving companies Manhattan, rest assured that Clean Cut Moving will provide you with top-notch moving services. Since these movers are experienced and have extensive knowledge in all aspects of relocation, they will be the perfect choice for you. Since their customers are our first priority, you will never have any issues during the relocation process itself. You will not have to worry about anything when it comes to moving to Manhattan with your kids. All you will have to do is let their team handle every aspect of your move.

Take the crime rate into account

Another important criterion when choosing the best neighborhoods in Manhattan for families with kids is the crime rate. Once you have done some research on the area crime rates, it will be simpler to narrow down your possible location. To find out what kind of neighborhood you are researching, make sure to look at the neighborhood newspaper and websites. Doing thorough research will enable you to identify which areas are more likely to experience robberies, theft, or minor offenses. Since you want your kids to be perfectly safe and sound, make sure to choose wisely. You certainly don’t want to expose your children to any kind of possible danger. Here is a list of the safest places in Manhattan:

  • Roosevelt Island
  • Battery Park
  • Murray Hill
  • Tribeca
  • Kips Bay
a thief with handcuffs
Make sure to consider the crime rate when thinking about neighborhoods in Manhattan for families with kids.

When it comes to moving, make sure to make a smart decision, too. Working with one of the best Manhattan residential movers will bring both safety and quality. Namely, if you want to prevent any potential problems, such as damaged belongings, lost items, hidden fees, or tardiness, make sure to choose wisely. Moving alone is challenging enough. However, when it comes to choosing communities in Manhattan for families with kids, extra caution might exist. With these movers, you can rest assured that you will have a stress-free, smooth, and exceptional moving experience.

Education comes first

Apart from other criteria, such as crime rate, cost of living, and entertainment, opportunities for your kids’ education are quite essential, too. The first thing you should look for in a neighborhood is the variety of schools it has to offer. Namely, we all know that parents always want the best opportunities for their kids in life. Their intellectual and social progress is greatly influenced by the school they attend. That is why you should consider future alternatives for your children’s education, such as high schools while investigating school districts.

Before choosing the best neighborhoods in Manhattan for families with kids and moving in with your children, consider the following factors, as well.

  • Housing prices
  • Transportation options
  • Attractions and entertainment options
  • Kinds of property

The list of the best neighborhoods in Manhattan for families with kids

When you become a parent, your perspective on life changes, and your priorities change significantly. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that having a family and children affects your priorities when looking for a home to raise your children. At first sight, NYC might not appear like a place where you would want to reside with your children. Apart from being too noisy, this place is also quite busy and expensive. However, there are many areas where you can keep your kids away from the noise and chaos that the city delivers. The best thing about New York City is the abundance of locations that offer everything a family with children could possibly require. Here are some of the top neighborhoods in Manhattan for families with kids.

Tribeca – pricey, but absolutely worthy

If you’re looking for something more exclusive when picking one of the best neighborhoods in Manhattan for families with children, Tribeca is the spot for you. There is always something going on in this area. It is quite busy, and it offers many attractions. When it comes to recreation for both you and your kids, Hudson River Park offers many sporting facilities. Therefore, your children will never be bored in a place like Tribeca. When it comes to transportation, rest assured that it is easy to move around. Namely, every central metro line is only a few minutes away. Moreover, since education options are crucial when choosing a neighborhood in Manhattan, make sure that the public school system is superb. If you choose Tribeca as your perfect location, you will enjoy all the benefits of living in Manhattan.

credit cards and a dollar bill
Tribeca will be a perfect place for you and your kids. However, be prepared to save a considerable amount of money.

Greenwich Village – one of the most tranquil neighborhoods in Manhattan for families with kids

Greenwich Village is a great option if you’re seeking a nice and green neighborhood for your family when moving to New York. Although you might think that Manhattan is a noisy and busy place, rest assured that the area’s tranquility may surprise you. You will appreciate some community events if you enjoy live performances because Washington Square Park is nearby. Therefore, if you also enjoy spending time in a big place, make sure that it is quite close. Therefore, you will be able to live in a quiet place while having a chance to enjoy the luxury and fun of a big city.

Greenwich Village is also home to the New York University, which might be very significant as your children mature. There are many cinemas and theaters where you could take your children and have fun, too. There, you can find a variety of popular shows for young people. In order to enjoy all this, you will need to hire one of the most reliable movers in Manhattan. Greenwich Village Movers will take you and your kids to this wonderful place in Manhattan, where you will be able to enjoy life and have fun every day.

a woman considering the best neighborhoods in Manhattan for families with kids
After you have chosen one of the best neighborhoods in Manhattan for big families, make sure to hire Clean Cut Moving to handle your relocation.

West Village – a small but pricey part of Greenwich Village

West Village is famous for making stylish friends, pricey beverages, and residing in an expensive area. Actually, West Village is a smaller section of Greenwich Village. The atmosphere, crime rate, weather, education options and means of transportation in the two neighborhoods are similar. However, West Village is a little less residential and possibly much more entertaining and pricey. However, since the residential areas of West Village are so expensive, unless you have an unlimited budget, you might not want to settle there. Although it is quite expensive, West Village offers a bit more entertainment than Greenwich Village. If you choose West Village after all, rest assured to save money by hiring one of the most affordable West Village movers to execute a cheap and good-quality relocation.

Gramercy Park

Gramercy Park is well known for being a luxury neighborhood and one of the island’s most picturesque areas. Since many other neighborhoods are within a short stroll of Gramercy Park, it might be one of the city’s most convenient areas. If you are looking for the best neighborhoods in Manhattan for families with kids, rest assured that there are many parks and chances for recreational activities. Namely, two public parks, Union Square Park and Madison Square Park, are within a short distance. Before you get to enjoy this wonderful place with your kids, make sure to hire one of the best Gramercy Park movers to help you execute an easy and smooth move.

a woman playing with a child in a park in Gramercy Park
Take nature into account when choosing the best neighborhoods in Manhattan for families with kids.

Alphabet City

Alphabet City is a relaxed area in Manhattan. The neighborhood is a laid-back region with a variety of bars and restaurants that serve both locals and tourists. Despite being small, the region nevertheless exudes a distinct vibe. Nevertheless, the area is one of the most ideal neighborhoods in Manhattan for families. Moving to Alphabet City with kids will be a terrific choice because the area is filled with pubs and eateries, making it simple to go out with kids and friends and explore the city. Moreover, the crime rate is low. Therefore, you can safely walk home because there are many people out and about. You will make sure of the safety of this place as soon as you have executed your relocation with the help of Alphabet City movers.

Clinton – also known as Hell’s Kitchen will leave you breathless

In contrast to Greenwich Village, a charming neighborhood in the city, Clinton feels more like an urban neighborhood. Recently, the area has become more and more family-friendly due to the expansion of the area. The neighborhood offers a lot of green space, a variety of sports fields, playgrounds, etc. Another name for this neighborhood is Hell’s Kitchen. When it comes to education, there are many well-known primary schools there. These schools offer strong programs in contrast to other neighborhoods in Manhattan. Namely, many parents choose to send their kids to these schools. If this has impressed you, make sure to hire one of the most efficient Clinton movers to have a smooth and safe relocation to Clinton with your children.

a man in a library thinking about choosing the best neighborhoods in Manhattan for families with kids
Clinton is one of the best places to move to with your children when it comes to education.

Final thoughts

It is a fact that there are many recommendations for the greatest neighborhoods in Manhattan for families with kids. Moreover, each neighborhood is unique and has many things to offer. On the other hand, every family has its own unique preferences and requirements. That is why you can do thorough research and find out which criteria your perfect neighborhood has to satisfy. No matter which of these areas you pick for your family’s dream home, you won’t go wrong. Hiring a moving company will provide you with all kinds of moving services you might need. Therefore, contact them right away and let their Manhattan movers handle your move. Good luck!



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