A Food Lover’s Guide To Manhattan’s Best Ethnic Restaurants

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To have a perfect guide for something is essential. Especially if the place or event is completely new to us and we don’t have enough time to explore them on our own. Of course, having a guide to navigating the city will help us reach important locations and settle better. On the other hand, we can also use a guide for a particular group of places not only to find them easier but to enjoy them more. Clean Cut Moving will, like always, help you by providing some of Manhattan’s best ethnic restaurants in one place. Here is all about them and where you can find them!

There is no place like Manhattan

If you really want to experience cuisine diversity, there is no place in the world like Manhattan. Apart from being home to some of the most popular locations and companies, this borough is also known for its restaurants. They range from being extremely luxurious all the way to very affordable.

Pizza in the oven as that is a signature dish of many Manhattan's best ethnic restaurants.
When naming Manhattan’s best ethnic restaurants, we have to mention Italian cuisine!

It is good to mention that Manhattan is the pure definition of diversity. A huge number of people tend to move there from every corner of the world and with them they bring their culture, tradition, and of course, recipes. Throughout the years, small restaurants turned into business and delicacy giants that Manhattan is extremely proud of. No matter what part of it you decide to visit or move to, there will be at least one notable restaurant in your area.

The best ethnic restaurants in Manhattan

To start things the right way, let’s assume that you plan to visit or relocate there with the help of movers Manhattan offers. Apart from having a pleasant relocation and settling in Manhattan, you will also need some time after your relocation to relax and actually get to know the place. While spending time checking other notable locations and getting to know your neighbors is highly advisable, you should try to explore this side of Manhattan. For all foodies out there, and those who wish to become ones, let’s dive into more details!

One and only – Italian Cuisine

Of course, almost every corner of our planet is familiar with Italian food and some of its most notable dishes. Restaurants and bars serve common meals that have roots in that country including spaghetti and pizza and of course hot drinks like espresso. Apart from cities in Italy where you can enjoy all their meals, there is one place that is closest to it that it can ever get. That is of course New York City. This cuisine is very popular in Manhattan as well and some of the Italian restaurants have been there for decades. If you want to be close to the majority of Italian restaurants, movers Upper East Side has are your best option.

That leads you straight to one of the best candidates in this category and that is Carmine’s Restaurant. Established in 1990, this family-owned restaurant is a must-visit. For many years they have been serving delicious meals with the unforgettable taste of South Italy. Their most popular dishes include Shrimp Fra Diavolo and Giardiniera. No matter if you wish to move to Manhattan or simply spend a couple of days, this place is a must. Other notable places are:

  • Razdora
  • Lillo
  • Via Carota
  • Di Farra Pizza
  • Roman’s

Hidden gems in Little Italy

This neighborhood in particular is very popular among Italians, and of course, it is the place where you will find most of the Italian restaurants. Don’t be surprised if you start smelling delicious pastries and fresh coffee from a mile. In Little Italy there are multiple restaurants that will satisfy your cuisine choice and the most notable ones include:

  • IL Cortile
  • La Mela
  • Grotta Azzurra
  • Da Nico
Chinese stand in the street.
Chinese cuisine is an absolute must for all food lovers!

Manhattan’s best ethnic restaurants of Chinese cuisine

While Italian cuisine certainly takes first place, there is another one that is always close. Chinese food is also popular all across the globe and their dishes can be found in almost every restaurant. Those who will be moving there with the help of local movers Manhattan offers and are fans of this cuisine should have a couple of places in mind. The good news is that families who moved to Manhattan decades ago decided to share some of the best delicacies from their country. As a result, we now have dozens of must-see places. 

On your journey of exploring these places, you will probably come across Hutong. The restaurant is one of the most popular among tourists and residents and on their menu you can always find: Champagne shrimp dumplings sparkle, the mapo tofu, and Peking duck. Considering that Hutong is always having its peak season, it is for the best that you reserve a table in advance. Other Manhattan ethnic restaurants with Chinese cuisine include:

  • Grand Sichuan
  • DaXi
  • MáLà
  • RedFarm

Dim sum spots and late-night noodle joints

In case you are looking for something more specific, Manhattan won’t disappoint. You can come across great dim sum spots and late-night noodle joints that will be excellent for your taste and budget as well. Get ready to see lovely family-owned restaurants that preserve their tradition and love sharing it with others:

  • Dim Sum Palace
  • Nom Wah Tea Parlor
  • AweSum DimSum
  • Dim Sum Go Go

Mexican food and Manhattan are a perfect combination

Somewhere during the 1980s residents of NYC became extremely interested in Mexican food and that instantly resulted in multiple restaurants across the city. A place as diverse s Manhattan got the most of them, and today, you can find some of the best Mexican restaurants in this neighborhood. While some of the owners used commercial movers Manhattan has to get there, others felt comfortable enough to start their small businesses and share their knowledge with the world. Today you can enjoy delicious meals from this cuisine any time you want.

Mexican tacos.
Manhattan’s best ethnic restaurants include a couple of excellent restaurants with Mexican food as well.

Often described as the best Mexican restaurant in the USA, La Contente Oesta is a place you have to visit. Being on the list of Manhattan’s best ethnic restaurants means that you will find all the dishes this cuisine represents. Get ready to try delicious chilaquiles, pozole, tacos, and much more. You can also pay a visit to:

  • Lafolia
  • Kahlo
  • El Centro
  • Empellon

Margarita bars and taco spots

Food is not the only thing that defines this cuisine certain drinks should be on your list as well. If you are looking for a place that serves delicious margaritas and can offer great snacks you can find dozens of them in Manhattan. Movers SoHo has will easily get you closest to not only the best margarita places but cocktails in general. According to locals, the most notable places are:

  • El Parador Cafe
  • Anejo
  • Chito’s
  • Mamasita Bar

Let’s not forget about Indian cuisine

Those who love to taste countless different flavors at once surely are fans of Indian cuisine. Another one of the most popular cuisines in the world found its place in Manhattan a long time ago. While it all started as small stands and bars, a couple of families managed to maintain quality and become recognizable names. Today, these restaurants offer delicious meals to both residents and tourists and even if you are not a fan of this food, they are worth visiting. Of course, there are multiple ones, but we prepared some of those with the highest rating and the most welcoming atmosphere.

Indian dish in small bowls.
And if you really want to experience something different, check out Indian restaurants in Manhattan.

Newcomers who are moving with the help of long distance movers in Manhattan can find a warm welcome in Junoon. The place was established back in 1987 and to this day it is the most notable Indian restaurant in Manhattan. On their menu, you can always find Samosa, Dal soup, Curry, and Tandoori Chicken at excellent prices. Considering that this restaurant rates very high you should also reserve a table on time. They offer delivery services as well, feel free to count them in your home parties and friend’s nights. Your options will also be:

  • Spice Symphony
  • Indian Accent
  • Moti Mahal Delux
  • Adda
  • Sapphire

Vegetarians and vegan-friendly Indian spots

in case you are looking for Manhattan’s best ethnic restaurants that serve vegan dishes, don’t worry about finding them. Even though a lot of these places offer a couple of vegetarian and vegan-friendly dishes it is good to know those whose entire menu is based on this type of food. You will always find excellent choices at:

  • Ahimsa
  • Bengal Tiger
  • Vatan
  • Pippali

Manhattan’s best ethnic restaurants from Japanese cuisine

Who’s up for sushi? If any cuisine became extremely popular in the last couple of decades, that has to be Japanese. With a huge variety of dishes and drinks, you can find their restaurants all around the world. In Manhattan, there are dozens of them and they range from those who have been there for many years and the new ones. While exploring Manhattan you have to check out Momokawa. This one is very popular among all generations and you can always find people sharing their experiences on social media after every visit. With the help of movers Greenwich Village has, you will actually find yourself in a place that has seven Japanese restaurants.

Their most notable dishes include Ramen and Tempura, but you will also find Okonomiyaki, Shabu Shabu, and Miso Soup. The atmosphere in this restaurant is amazing and you can always see happy faces and people enjoying their food. Momokawa restaurant has prices that will surely fit your pocket as they stick to their prices from the day they start the business. Of course, you should also explore more and check out:

  • Japan Village
  • Sake Bar Decibel 
  • Sushi Ginza Onodera
  • Bohemian
  • Nakamura
Sushi on the table in one of Manhattan's best ethnic restaurants.
Even though Sushi is famous all around the world, there are a couple of must-visit restaurants in Manhattan!

And finally, we present you Manhattan’s Middle Eastern restaurants

The list surely wouldn’t be complete without mentioning Middle Eastern cuisine. While a lot of regular restaurants offer their dishes, it is good to know a couple of places that are all about this tradition and food. Each one of them usually offers delivery services but it is interesting to mention that Middle Eastern restaurants in Manhattan are always full. Tourists will come to grab a bite, while their regular customers will come to have their traditional lunch or dinner.

The one that we would like to mention is Sofreh restaurant. This restaurant offers a wonderful atmosphere and the owners tend to make sure every guest feels at home. You will get a chance to enjoy your meal and drinks with lovely music and people having fun all around you. Movers Tribeca offers can actually help you get to that neighborhood that is mainly home to most of these restaurants. Their prices are pretty affordable and their most notable dishes include Hummus, Falafel, Manakeesh, and Foul meddamas. Once you decide to explore more, make sure to stop by:

  • Miznon
  • Miss Ada
  • Au Za’atar
  • Ravagh Persian Grill
  • Kubeh

The best Halal options for you

Don’t think that Manhattan lacks Halal food and dishes. No matter where you come from and how long you are going to stay, this borough will have all you need. When it comes to Halal places, there are a dozen places that should be on your list. When you feel like eating well and not spending a fortune, your options should include:

  • Habibi Halal Food
  • Adel’s Famous Halal Food
  • Royal Grill Halal Food
  • Fouta Halal
Interior of Manhattan's best ethnic restaurants.
Keep on exploring Manhattan’s best ethnic restaurants on your journey of getting to know the city!

Enjoy Manhattan’s best ethnic restaurants

Now that you have your list ready, the time has come to start making plans. They say that the best way to get closer to a certain place is to explore its restaurants. Just like you would try to reach all notable locations when on vacation, you should do the same when your relocation takes place. Manhattan’s best ethnic restaurants will help you understand how diverse this place is and that the very world of NYC is actually its residents. Before you know it, you will feel as if you have been living in Manhattan forever, and one of these places will become the number one favorite. 



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