7 reasons to hire local NYC movers

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How hard can it be? You’ll just turn your home upside down, pack your whole life into a bunch of boxes, load them onto a truck, and off you go to begin the next chapter of your life. If only life were that simple. Unless you’re one of those people who thrive in chaos, have nerves and a back of steel, and have enough time and money to play around with a DIY move – you’ll need help. Relocation is complicated, stressful, and incredibly exhausting, especially in a place like NYC. You’ll need a helping hand, one with experience and street smarts, which is why hiring professional movers in NYC is the best thing you can do for yourself. A reliable moving company will take the weight off your shoulders (quite literally) and allow you to indulge in that Big Apple lifestyle in no time. If you still need convincing, here are 7 reasons why it’s a much better move to hire local NYC movers.

1. Nobody can handle those streets like local NYC movers

If you care at all for your mental health, you won’t try to navigate a big rental truck through New York City’s traffic. Local movers will know how to find that curbside parking spot outside of your apartment. They know which areas to avoid, where it’s safe and legal to unload a truck, and how to handle impatient New Yorkers honking and yelling at them. Even if you consider yourself to be as experienced as a New York cabbie, it’s a completely different story when you’re driving a moving truck. And if you’re lucky enough to survive the traffic, then it’s time to wrestle with bulky furniture that somehow has to pass through narrow hallways and tight stairwells. Save yourself – leave it to professionals.

Busy streets of NYC
Local NYC movers are street-savvy and will get your belongings to your new home quicker than anyone can

2. They come prepared for anything

Professional movers know how to dismantle and reassemble your furniture quickly and safely. They will have the necessary equipment to protect your belongings if bad weather surprises you. If you need moving blankets, extra boxes, and an extra furniture dolly – they have it. An experienced team of movers will make every residential relocation almost a seamless experience. After all, there’s a reason why their services exist. Their expert skills and tools are what people are paying for.

3. If you hire local NYC movers, you can get packing and unpacking assistance

Packing might be a simple task, but it’s a heck of a dispiriting one as well. Not only that, simply forgetting to put a label on a box can leave you without any underwear for days. Hiring professional movers for packing services will not only save you time but will also ensure nothing breaks due to incorrect packing. Professional movers have amazing installation and de-installation minds and will finish the job in no time. After all, wouldn’t you rather indulge in designing the interior of your new home while someone else does the daunting work?

A mover standing next to pile of boxes
Hire local NYC movers to pack your belongings quickly and safely

4. With reputable movers, insurance is covered

Hiring a local NYC moving company makes even more sense if you’re moving extremely fragile belongings, expensive furniture, precious artwork, or other valuable items. It’s simple. If you break any of these items – you can say goodbye to your assets. But if a professional mover causes damage to your belongings – the company will compensate for it. Remember, every reputable moving company provides its clients with an insurance policy. This gives you an even greater guarantee that your items will be handled with the utmost care.

Moreover, most New York City buildings require moving companies to provide proof of insurance before they allow them to do any work in the building. Discuss requirements with the building managers and the extent of coverage provided by your mover.

One look at narrow hallways and tight stairwells of NYC buildings is enough to want to hire local NYC movers
By relying on professional help, you’ll avoid lifting heavy furniture and trying to navigate it through tight hallways of NYC buildings

5. You will know the exact expenses of your move only if you hire local NYC movers

Moving always costs more than you think. Unexpected situations happen, things break, some are forgotten, and so the expenses pile up over time, little by little. Experienced local NYC movers know exactly what they’re dealing with and will know how to give you an accurate estimate of the cost. Every reputable company will provide you with this estimate free of charge. It will contain all the important details so you’ll know precisely the cost of each part of the service.

6. Moving with kids can be a whole another level of chaos without professional assistance

Juggling between packing, heavy lifting, moving, and unpacking can turn moving to your new NYC place into a nightmare. If you add kids to the equation, the emotional expense on you and your family can become far greater. Children can help in many ways during a move, but the younger they are, the more difficult this becomes. Moving can be especially stressful for children. They’re very sensitive to the chaos of packing up and leaving their old lives behind. That is why sometimes it is very helpful to have someone take some things off your plate. Your movers can help you by doing all the difficult work with relocation so you can focus on your kids.

7. Can’t put a price on that peace of mind

Knowing that everything will be handled efficiently and that your belongings are in reliable and professional hands can allow you to ease your mind while moving. On top of that, relying on expert movers will make the whole process shorter. You’ll be able to feel at home in your new place in a fraction of the time. Instead of wrestling with your sofa and losing your mind trying to find parking, you’ll be able to focus on other important things.

It’s time to make the call

Finally, no one should have to go through the hell of moving to NYC alone, especially those who are not familiar with the city. When choosing a moving company, make sure you hire local NYC movers. Nobody knows the city like them and will handle everything better than an outsider would. Now that you have all the reasons to hire professional NYC movers, get in touch with Clean Cut Moving NYC to get the best service you deserve. Be sure you will see how a professional does their job.



We had our wonderful wonderful experience with these movers. Special thanks to our foreman, Josh, and everyone on the team who helped.

Eliza G. / 2021-08-14

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