3 Quick facts about moving from Gramercy Park to Greenwich Village

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You have decided on moving from Gramercy Park to Greenwich Village. But before you can start working with movers Manhattan NY and relocate there, you must learn a bit more about this neighborhood. The Village of Greenwich is simply amazing and today, we will share with you the three facts about it you should know before moving. Let’s take a look.

Get ready for moving from Gramercy Park to Greenwich Village

Before we share a few facts about your relocation, you must prepare for it in the right way. The goal is to have a safe, affordable, and ultimately, successful relocation. So, begin with your moving plans. Assemble a checklist with all moving-related tasks included. Cover the packing process, Greenwich Village movers, a budget, legalities, and whatever else you think is important over the upcoming weeks. Then, inspect your furniture and other household belongings to prepare easier to pack and load the moving truck safely.

two people moving from Gramercy Park to Greenwich Village
Prepare your moving plan and start packing. Greenwich Village awaits!

Make sure to prepare the environment as well. Your movers must know the number of items you possess as well as the state of the environment they’ll work in. Cover these steps and your moving company will assemble a better plan for moving from Gramercy Park to Greenwich Village.

Prepare the adequate budget for moving from Gramercy Park to Greenwich Village

As you may know, moving is expensive and you must appoint the right budget for it. Also, you should prepare for the upcoming months and have enough for rent, bills, maintenance, and other costs of living. So, firstly review your yearly income and then figure out how much you have saved up. According to those numbers, you’ll know if you are going to rent or invest in a property. You should know that Greenwich is not cheap at all. The cost of living is almost three times higher than the national average/ And the same goes for real estate. The median home cost of $1.5 million is not something that you can cover just like that. Unless you are rich, and money is not an issue. But even then, you must prepare an adequate budget for Clean Cut Moving Services NYC, rent, and other expenses.

There is a lot to know about Greenwich Village

Before you hire Gramercy Park movers to assist you with moving from Gramercy Park to Greenwich Village, you must know enough about the neighborhood you are moving to. Luckily, you are moving into one of the greatest Manhattan neighborhoods and there is a lot to see there. Starting with the architecture that will make you feel like you are floating through the ages. All the way to some of the best diners, restaurants, shopping places, schools, parks, and more. So, we highly recommend browsing only for everything Greenwich and obtaining the knowledge necessary for an easier adaptation and settling in.

neighborhood in Manhattan
Greenwich Village is surely one of the best NYC neighborhood.

Welcome to Greenwich Village

So far you have learned that the Village of Greenwich is rich with history and expensive. Now let us share some info about the neighborhood amenities and attractions. Know that there is a lot to do in Greenwich Village but most of the events revolve around Washington Square Park. All around the place you have amazing restaurants, coffee places, shops, and bars. Although, the park is the only versatile place in the area. All street performances, art displays, and other cultural events are there. Check out the Washington Square Outdoor Art Exhibit and you’ll simply love it. And be sure to check MacDougal Street as it is full of amazing chill-out spots and even better food. To be fair, the entire block around the park is full of wonders. Head straight over there and start exploring.

Now you are ready for moving from Gramercy Park to Greenwich Village. There is a lot more to know and if you are interested, read more about history, customs, and fun facts about the place. Good luck and have a great time in Greenwich Village.



We had our wonderful wonderful experience with these movers. Special thanks to our foreman, Josh, and everyone on the team who helped.

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